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Thread: Diaper Sniffing

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    Default Diaper Sniffing

    Does anyone smell their wet soaked diaper after taking it off to check it for the aroma? I have noticed a wide range of smells from sweet to intoxicating.

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    I've noticed that too. It depends how hydrated I am and what I eat. (For example asparagus lol)

    I may be weird, but sometimes I like the smell.

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    Like wow, I thought I was the only person in the whole world who did something as wierd as this. But After a play session whether I use it or not, I will take off my trainers and stick my nose in them. << you r a complete wierdo Warren!>>

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    I usually smell the plastic backing after having rolled up the used diaper. I love both the scent and the feel of it, although I've never found it intoxicating Must be because I tend to drink a lot while padded.

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    I don't like the smell, but the color/odor of one's urine can give clues to what going on in the body. Not to be gross, but occasionally noticing these things can alert you to how to help keep yourself healthy.

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    I've only do it once, but wet or dry, the smell and the crinkle of the diapers are a big turn on for me...

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    I've never really done that before but I do love the smell of a brand new diaper .

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    Not me. I only like the smell of babypowder/lotion/shampoo.

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