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Thread: Love this site.

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    Default Love this site.

    Its great to be apart of this community. and it looks like its going strong. I consider my self to just be a DL but i like to act like a baby somtimes to. Im finishing high school soon and I am working on getting a working car. My name is Daniel but I except what ever nick name comes my way. favorite high school nick name was Robot Mexican. somthing about soccer i guess. looking forward to getting a little more social in the furture. Peace out!

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    Hi Daniel!

    Just curious, whats your favorite diaper?
    And would you recomment it for value?

    Also, IDK why your nickname was Robot Mexican,
    but in case you speak some spanish,
    please feel free to join the ADISC Spanish Speakers Group!

    (see below for the link)

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