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    Im out of town and I booked a hotel and then went to the pharmacy. When in the pharmacy the lady thought I was going to steal laxatives. I can assure you I would never. I went to go check the line because I do not like buying stuff like that when other people were around and a bunch of people were there and no other lines were open so I went and set the product down and started to leave. The lady stopped me and asked me where is it? I showed her where I left it. I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life. I profusely apologized telling her and her staff I would never and tried to explain to them why I put it back. It is my own fault though. I had it at my side halfway in my coat pocket. I thought if I had my hand on it and it was sticking out it would not look as bad. Do you think she will send the police after me. I tried to clear it up and I did. She told me to leave. I will never buy something like that again. I will never stop there again. I feel really bad and I know I looked really stupid but I would never. I want to make it right. So I really do not want to do. I do not want this lady to think I would steal something. Again I would like to point out I would never steal. I grew up that way. Never steal.

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    I wouldn't worry too much. First, you set it down in another place in the store. You did not steal it. Second, if they hassled you, you can turn it around and claim to the manager that you were harassed by the staff. Pharmacy staff should be used to people buying all kinds of things that might be embarrassing. Third, since you were clearly nervous about buying a product that had to do with diaper wearing, join the crowd. We all go through this phase.

    Try buying diapers and having a teenage girl clerk flip the bag over many times in plain site of everyone in the check out line to find the price. Only she can't find it. Then she gets on the store PA system. "Price check on register 5. I'm going to need a price check on diapers." As she turns back to smile at you, you turn beet red and shrink into the floor.

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    I just don't want anyone to know I was in the store. I am out of town. I do not want the police knocking on my hotel room door. Also it was $3. I feel like going down there and giving them a $5 bill. I got there and they were closing the pharmacy. I went to the front and set it down next to some snack items. I am just really embarrassed.

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    I had something similar, though unrelated to my AB/DL lifestyle, happen to me once. I was checking out a new church for me about 4 towns over from where I live. I don't drive so I bused it there. After the service I missed my return bus and was stuck in that town for two and a half hours. I went to a nearby Wawa to buy myself something to drink and a paper to read. After I bought everything and I was walking towards the door I put what I had been carrying into the bag with my purchases. Well, someone must have thought I was stealing because a manager ran out right as I was walking out of the parking lot and demanded to see my receipt and bag. I was happy to oblige and she was very embarrassed when she discovered that the only thing I had put in the bag was my Bible.

    Don't get yourself worked up over this. People can be overzealous sometimes. A cashiers job can be very monotonous at times and some people are just itching to catch a shoplifter to spice up their day.

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    I think the clerk was a total ass and you shouldn't worry about it. Next time, if you want to buy something like that, just buy it. Nobody cares, especially when it comes to a laxative. That's why they're on the shelf for sale.

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    That lady doesn't seem too polite. Don't let this one experience prevent you from having fun buying baby items. Perhaps internet if you're that embarrassed? And no they cannot report you to the police because you did nothing wrong. Also why would they it'd be a waste of time even if you were a laxative thief. You sound like a pretty respectable person. =)

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    When something happens like this, one tends to overreact and get extremely paranoid. Why would they send the cops your way? You did nothing wrong. Also, how would they even know where you were? Just remain calm. Being wrongfully accused is going to happen sometimes in life and it makes you feel crappy when you have a conscience. Being completely nervous and red faced when trying to buy diapers or diaper related things makes us look just a bit suspicious until we finally check out.. then any suspicion turns to "Oh, poor thing needs to buy adult diapers.." Next time just go through with it. Be brave!

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