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Thread: Diaper Watching

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    Default Diaper Watching

    Who does the diaper check in the mirror?
    What do you look at?
    I always check the tabs for positioning location on every diaper. I am always watching the wetness indicator and it is usually in the mirror.
    Does this seem like a normal part of the diapering process?

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    I always check my diaper in the mirror. the damp patch gives me a good indication of how wet I actually am and how long until I need a change.

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    I always check it to make sure the tapes look even and such. I suppose it's the OCD side of me.

    I don't really check again, though sometimes right when I change out, I'll gauge how soaked it is.

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    I check in the mirror right after I've put one on, and I guess for different reasons. Seeing myself diapered is a turn on, and makes me feel little.....sigh.

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    Sure I do this for a number of reasons. Mostly, I do it regularly after a change to check the fit. Unless someone else is diapering you, you are only one who has a really good idea of how your diaper should look on you. If it looks right and feels right, then your done. Sometimes you'll get a disposable that has a defect you can't see until you put it on and look in a mirror. Lastly, I do sometimes look at my diapered behind in the mirror because well...I can't very well snake my head around to my ass can I?

    Sorry I couldn't resist.

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    Every time I try a new type of diaper, I will check myself in the mirror to see how I good it looks. Generally, the more babyish, the better it is.

    I will also sometimes check in the mirror to make sure I put it on properly.

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    I almost always look in a mirror when putting on a new diaper. I just like the look of a well diapered rear end!

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    I just check myself out like the tabs, and making sure it looks like it fitting right and how it looks when I walk lol, but mainly I just look at my diapered self

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    I don't to it so I can tell it fits right because i'll know that the moment I put it on but I admit I do like to stare at my diapered butt in an attempt to make myself feel cute. =)

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    I have a little shaving mirror which I sometimes used just after diapering myself to check I don't have anything like baby powder up my back or all over my clothes Sometimes I'll 'admire' my diaper in the big bathroom mirror, but not that often really.

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