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    I have my next meeting with my urologist at the end of the month about my bedwetting. Last time he took bloods and checked my prostate. I have to complete a diary for two days and take it in with me. He also asked me to try to wake myself up each night at 3.00am to go to the toilet. This has proved very difficult as my wife wakes up, and I don't - She is not happy.

    The urologist said I may now need some more tests - Could anyone outline what these could be and what they are really like. I think doctors often gloss over the details.

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    It depends how far they are on labs and/or how much he really wants to find the cause. It could be as simple as more lab work, or as complex as Ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs (I've had all 3 of the latter in the last 6 months for mine)

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    In addition to the things that oreocookie mentioned, the urologist might want to do a cystoscopic and/or a cystometric exam. The cystoscopic exam involves inserting a miniature TV camera up through your penis into your bladder to see whether there are any problems there. It's not a pleasant examination, but not as bad as it sounds. Sometimes urologists sedate patients during a cystoscopic exam. The cystometric exam involves inserting a pressure-measuring catheter into your bladder and then gradually filling the bladder with water to determine when you begin to feel the need to urinate and whether your bladder contracts abnormally when it isn't very full. That is also an unpleasant test (worse than the cystoscopic exam in my opinion) but bearable.

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