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Thread: Tena Maxi or Abena M3

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    Default Tena Maxi or Abena M3

    Please help me with a decision!

    I live in the UK and wear 24/7, but only use my nappies/diapers or wetting unless my partner isn't around (LOL).

    Have to place my next order this afternoon, so what do I order?!

    It is between Tena Maxi and Abena M3's for the day and M4's for the night!!


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    I like the M*'s at night time and the Tena's during the day.

    The M3's and 4's have a really snug fit and comes up higher at the front, making them more reliable when I'm laying on my stomach.

    For my size, the fit of the medium Tena's have a lower cut, so they're more descreet during the day. Also I found that the Tena's leaked way less often when sitting in them.

    I say buy all the nappies!, but thats just me

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    I dont have that luxury!

    I either have to buy the Tena's (Slightly Cheaper), or the M3's. What is the nappy with the highest absorbency??

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    I suspect M3s have slightly higher absorbency than Tenas, but I imagine the difference is marginal; what's more important is how it fits you. People vary in shape, and Tenas and Abenas fit quite differently. I wouldn't think about it too much, as they're both good nappies.

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    Tena Slip Maxi are the Best. They are diffiecult to get in the USA. Go for the Tena

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    In my experience the Abris work better for my body shape. However, for daytime use the Tenas ability to be adjusted makes a big difference. I often wear the L2 into work and they are fine, not the most discrete but i know i can rely on them.

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    I would go for the Tena's during the day, they are soo comfortable and they hold a lot too. I don't trust them over night and would worry about them leaking because I'm a side sleeper.

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    Tena maxi are really good and don't break up as easily as m3's in my opinion. They have an hourglass shaped pad as opposed to smaller rectangle of m3 too. Both are great though.

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