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Thread: Confused and a little Nervous

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    Hello most of you in the furry community don't know me. You can just call me CG because I'm not a regular on this forum. I'm off and on. I have a confession to make. In the past I used to feel a little weird about babyfur/diaperfurs *mostly furries in general* because of a bad experience I had with someone I knew in real life.

    Recently however, something changed in my life. I don't know how and I don't know why but I enjoy the idea of me being a babyfur. I have a ton of questions for you guys since I am new to this area of ABDL. First, I really enjoy the idea of me being a puppy wearing a diaper. Does that mean my "Fursona" is a puppy?

    Second, what are some things that you guys do outside of imagination to enjoy furrydom as you might call it lol. :P

    Third and final, I do apologize if I have said or made any statements in the past on ADISC that have offended any babyfurs or diaperfurs. I guess mostly I was just really confused about what they were until I found out that I may be a babyfur myself.

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    Hey man, it’s cool, I don’t know you because I’m even less of a regular XD
    Anyway, if you like the idea of it, give it a try, see if you feel comfortable with this all :3

    Your fursona, it can be whatever you like, if you enjoy the idea if being a puppy, then again, give it a try. You can search around for references and pictures of dogs or other canids and decide on a certain breed.

    As for things outside of imagination, Art is mostly what I love. Also, well, the usual, wearing tails, collars and stuff like that. One thing I’ve been wanting to try but always either forget or end up falling asleep before doing it, is besides from my pj’s and a dpr, to also put on a tail, and I dunno, curl it between my legs or hug it X3

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    Furries tend to be as unique as normal people, they enjoy a vast array of things.

    I for example enjoy fursuiting, going to conventions, and browsing or getting art. That's really about it, the whole furry world is fun and exciting, and everyone makes it that much more enjoyable. Really furry is what *you* make of it, it's how *you* perceive it, and what *you* want to do in it. The only thing, that brings furries together is the anthropomorphic characters we all cherish in one way or another.

    In addition Near has an amazing guide on Furries:

    and Liam117 for babyfur:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ch3stersGhost View Post
    ...I have a confession to make...
    I think I am the only one left that would recognize this line as one that sparked this whole huge argument about a former member being a furry.

    Just had to point that out.

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    Well in regards to your first question it really depends on you. Some people have one fursona, and others have several. I suppose the easiest way to figure out what your babyfur fursona is, is to Roleplay a bit; just in your head a little. Now if you can imagine a caretaker taking care and calling you puppy you're on the right track. The real key in my opinion to finding out if its you or not revolves around one question: Do you melt when they call you puppy? If so, you might have a winner. Don't be afraid to play around with the idea a bit.

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    Well if you want to be a puppy then you can do whatever you want with that idea

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    Whether you feel you're a furry or not, ^^ if you have questions fire away! Its the only way we can give you all the answers you need.

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    At one time I fell in love in the art just love baby fur art and fursuiting.But being a baby fur is what you make it to be.
    Some change there fursonas as time will go bye.there are meets to go and hang out with others.Let's just say it's like football some fans like being into the same thing.Go on youtube search furcon it will bring up the fun things we like to do.A lot of us are on FA check that out too.There are some fur web sites is one .Have fun

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