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Thread: Been Wondering - What happens if you have to stay in hospital?

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    Default Been Wondering - What happens if you have to stay in hospital?

    I was wondering what happens? How do you deal with things? Mostly thinking about this wondering what if I ever had to stay overnight at a hospital and I like wet the bed or something? What would they do/say? What would happen? Just random thoughts, my whole paranoia comming out ... Has anyone had an awkward situation like that here though? I can only imagine how much worse it would be for someone who is completely incontinent to deal with a stay in hospital...

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    My expirience with tv show (house m.d) tells me thats not a problem... Jockin. I have hear that hospital have diapers in their stock, I guees is for that situations, Anyways if you are really sick you dont need to go to bathroom or sue diapers, theres noather method that they use ...

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    When I was in hospital with Gastroentiritis at the beginning of december for 4 days, I was admitted into hospital and changed into a hospital gown, when the nurse saw that I was wearing a diaper. I explained that I'm incontinent and then she went on the computer to look at my medical records, to which a little "IC" was put on the whiteboard above my bed next to my name.
    I was supplied with a pack of shaped pads and net pants and because I could get up myself, I took responsibility of changing myself. At night, I had bed pads beneath me as the pads supplied werent absorbent enough for the amount I wet/messed in my sleep.

    The nurses were sympathetic of my condition and just made sure I was okay ever hour or so, I'm so used to dealing with my incontinence now, it wasnt much of an issue, and to be completely honest I didnt fancy having a nurse changing me!

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    Hospitals get many patients who are incontinent. My experience has been similar to WelshDragon's. I've only had to stay in hospital overnight a couple of times as an adult. One time I used the diapers the hospital supplied; the other time I brought my own diapers with me. Both times the nursing staff and aids were very understanding and helpful.

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    A few weeks ago i ended up in A&E, i was not in a good state (super spaced out / non verbal) but was with my carer. We didn't bring a change so they supplied a nappy and he changed me. So i guess, longer term, they just continue with whatever works for you.

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    It largely depends on the hospital. Most will do bed pads (if it's fairly lightly, or they aren't sure). If you're a heavy wetter, they'll usually use catheters or diapers depending on which works best for their needs (or whether or not you have a judgement against them for screwing up a cath job when you were a kid...)

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    When I had to go to a hospital for a few weeks stay, the bath room wasn't readily available, and I just had a pad under me at night, if your worse than I was then I'm not sure what they'd do past pads.

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    To be well prepared I would bring a package of good diapers to the hospital. Most likely diapers will be available but they will be thin and not what you like. You will take care of you in a very professional way. I would not allow them to cath as I prefer the diapers to keep dry.
    You might call the hospital and find out the brand of diapers they use.
    Best Wishes

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    I was in a rehab hospital for 5 weeks and had someone bring my supply from home
    The nite nurse would come in at 4 in the morning and change my bottoms. after 4 weeks
    I was able to do it myself

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    I've been in the hospital for more than a dozen trips most of which were week long (or more). I usually bring in my own diapers because the hospital ones are cheap and did not absorb much. After surgery or when im unable to get up on my own to change the nurses or staff will assist me with my diaper needs. I rarely ask for assistance but why I'm stuck in bed and I have a mess to clean up to that I always require assistance from the staff.
    usually when I get admitted to the hospital I will tell them that I wear a diaper I have no problems obtaining them from the nurse

    my most embarrassing its parents of the hospital was when I was bedridden and had to get a sponge bath wat in my diaper change

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