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Thread: If you could visit any three countries tomorrow...

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    Default If you could visit any three countries tomorrow...

    ...which would they be? For me:

    1. The UK, specifically England and Wales: the former to see my lil bwo and in general experience the country, as I've always taken an interest in their culture, and the latter because that's where my heritage stems from. ^^

    2. Canada, mainly Quebec: for some reason, Quebec has always fascinated me. It really seems like its own nation (save the obvious fact that it almost became one in the mid-90s). It has such a European feel, but it's surprisingly industrial, too, especially Montreal. The pictures seem to exude a vibe which captures my attention.

    3. Liechtenstein: this is my 'back-up' country. It just seems so perfect in every aspect: small, well-kept towns; tons of winter sports; easy access to nearby countries; a quiet, easy-going lifestyle... This is the Europe you see on least in my mind ^^

    What would your three be?

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    1. South Korea, i've had an interest in Korean for a while and whilst i'd also like to visit the north because it fascinates me, i'd like to spend time in Seoul and elsewhere to sample the culture and nightlife and historical sites

    2. Japan, I'd love to spend time in Tokyo, and then visit Koyto and see the imperial palace and gardens, most importantly i'd love to visit hokkaido because i'm an avid skiier and Japan has been on my list for several years

    3. Canada, I've been to the states several times but never Canada so I feel this is a must and again for the skiing

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    1. Japan: I went to Japan on holiday a couple of years ago and really loved it there, since then I've really been wanting to go back. I also really want to visit Disneyland Tokyo ^^.

    2. US: I've been to the US a few times visiting Washington, California, Florida and Colorado amoung others and really love the country. Its also one of the countries I'd love to move to in the future along with japan.

    3. Hong Kong: I've always liked the look of Hong Kong so would love to go a see exactly what it like there.

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    Cuba, or perhaps North Korea. Just because "they" say I can't.

    Canada (I plan to bribe a helicopter pilot to get real close to the Niagra Falls).

    Turkey (I have a few college friends who live there).

    Nothing against Europe or the South Pacific, but I'm approaching this from places I haven't been.

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    1. Israel (motherland)
    2. Russia (motherland part 2)
    3. UK specifically Scotland (motherland part 3)

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    Hong Kong isn't a country, it's part of China now. I've been there as well as most of the other places mentioned (except Korea and Cuba). I'd like to see Cuba and Ireland (one of my homelands) and perhaps NZ.

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    UK, just because it seems interesting,
    Poland, because half of my family is from there,
    France, to see if the 3 years of taking the language have so far paid off.

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    Japan (most of my time and money would be spent in Akihabara)



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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewbacca View Post
    I thought that I had it bad, a really deprived childhood. Unlike my peers I could not go bowling (stone throwing) on the twelfth, for fear that I’d cause my blood cousins an injury.

    For the life of me, I cannot picture Jewish comrades wearing tartan skirts. Family get-togethers must be a nightmare, you simply cannot mix vodka with a single malt whiskey, that’s blasphemy at best.

    The furthest north I’ve travelled is Alnwick castle, so my first is in Scotland.
    Second choice is Canada.
    Lastly it is a coin-toss between Japan and China.

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    1. Sweden- I have family there, have been before, and I love it there
    2. Germany- I am of german decent and there is so much History I would love to see
    3. New Zeland- Beatiful country, would love to visit.

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