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Thread: Abena changes in the last year?

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    Default Abena changes in the last year?

    I just recently ordered a few packs of abena m2s from xp med. I can't help but notice this batch seems different. They seem to run a little bigger, and the plastic feels a bit thinner and softer. Anyone else see this, or am I nuts?

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    i plan to order some soon. so i may back you up on that...!

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    I'm not sure whether it was in the past year or a little longer, but the graphics on the plastic were changed fairly recently. The tapes also work more reliably, and I haven't had an Abena with a pinhole leak in quite some time.

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    Last case I ordered, I had some problems with the top tapes not staying together and ripping so I used packing tape for that problem. I use the L3s as my usual diaper and I was able to deal with that. Fortunately I didn't have the problems with the pinhole leaks last time around. I use XP as my supplier too, powderhair so you're not alone there.


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    I have a few hundred of the M2's. Many from different production times, and they seem spot on to me.

    The worst i've had recently was the wetness indicators being off center, but the diaper itself is perfect.

    In terms of the back sheet and tapes, I find them to be 100% the same as an M4 from 2010, so they haven't changed there either.

    They also don't seem to vary in absorbency either. They always seem right on.

    Now, it is possible that there have been some changes. Abena was going to totally drop the plastic line in 2012, but the efforts of several have put a stop to that for the time being. Maybe they changed the plastic to be more like the Delta Forms, which would not be a good thing, IMO.

    Either way, I haven't had any troubles with them recently myself. Maybe you got a bad batch.

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    I just got a case of X-Plus from XPMedical too, I think the plastic on these is thinner and flimsier than the last case of X-Plus I got but I don't have any to directly compare to.

    That said, the dry 24/7s that I got have the best plastic backing -ever-. Its soft and thick. I just wish the inside of the Dry 24/7 was as soft as the inside of the X-Plus.

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    I just bought some M3s from XPMedical. Comparing it to the M2s I bought last year, the plastic seems the same. But the size does seem a little different. It might be because I'm comparing M2s and M3s, but the M3s seem a lot baggier to me.

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    Ok, so I'm not crazy. I don't think it's a bad batch, just wondered if I had lost weight, or if they are bigger. The thinner plastic hasn't caused problem. I sorta like that they are softer.

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    Okay Chaps!

    Help me out here please; Abena M3 for day use or Tena Maxi?? Which has the highest absorbency??

    For some reason Abena's seem to cut into my thighs/groin , why??? Am i doing them up wrong??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbus View Post
    Okay Chaps!

    Help me out here please; Abena M3 for day use or Tena Maxi?? Which has the highest absorbency??
    You made a thread for this already, please don't try to hijack this one.

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