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    Today i tried my first diaper and paci, I was trying to regress and while at times i felt close i don't think i truly did, does anyone have any advice on regressing, also does wetting get any easier, i found it really hard to just casually wet my diaper even with a large amount of water consumed.

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    Yes it does eventually get easier. It was super hard at first for me too and now I hardly notice at all. The regression I don't know. I'm mainly a DL but there's lots of people here that will know

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    Regressing isn't something that can be forced or even planned. There have been many occasions when I desperately wanted to escape into that younger mindset, but simply couldn't. Other times, it has snuck up on me out of nowhere. Just this last week, I had a wonderful escape, hitting a depth I haven't in a while. Basically, it hard to gauge and prepare for. You just have to get comfortable and experiment. However, even after that first time, don't get your hopes up that it will be like that every time from then on out. It depends on a lot of factors, most of which are beyond your control. Enjoy the ride and savor the moments you have being 'you'. ^_^

    As for actual pointers, try unplugging from the typical day-to-day stressers. Get yourself a nice quiet time where you can interact with that side of you, likely through the objects of youth: plushies, padding, cartoons, etc. You won't be able to completely shut off all those adult-geared voices, but the less you have to stay in that role, the less they will matter. Just enjoy the occasion and try to pick out the sights and sounds that seem to re-kindle your childhood: the softness of the blanket, the crinkle of the padding, and so on. These will evoke other memories and with time, you will just feel more relaxed and into that more child-like mindset.

    As for wetting, that is purely practice. The more you attempt it, the more you mind will get over the stigma and that urge to resist will relax. I used to have the same problem, but it's a non-issue now. It will pass with time.

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    Thanks guys! I really appreciate how helpful everyone is on these forums!

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    Trust Onecho hes an expert in every matter you can think XD Whenim tryng to regress i usually hear lome baby music XD

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