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    I popped into CVS today to cushion my stash since I had some extra cash and was pleasantly surprised to find the Depend Maximum protection (green package with orange strip, plastic backed...) on sale with CVS card. Usually $14.99, I scored them for $11.99. Not a huge sale, but I was still excited. Thought some others would like to know even though I'm not sure if it's nationwide or just here.


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    I'm a 36" waist, and the smalls go up to a 34" waist and 170 lbs, which is too small. The Large size are too big; they go up to (I think) a 49" waist...too big. If you desire that style of diaper, try the Attends brw 1020 44. I say find a Good Neighbor brand pharmacy; they've got other diapers besides Depends that are reasonably priced and a better quality.

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    Others did want to know, thanks
    They have their uses, not fair to compare them to a Molicare

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    Thank you for the post! It's always nice to know when products go on sale.

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    Awesome! They go on sale all the time at the big stores, but I started buying them from a small pharmacy. Way overpriced, never go on sale, but the women who work there have gotten to know me and it's just really convenient. The diapers are very close to the register, and there's always very few people in there.

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    Theyve been twelve bux n sum change in sf for over a week. I even found a pair of Max protection not w fitted w tabs at my cvs

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    I will be heading to CVS today. Thanks for the info!

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