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Thread: CVS Training Pants vs Huggies Pull Ups

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    Default CVS Training Pants vs Huggies Pull Ups

    Which one will fit me better or will neither? I have a 36in waist, last time I tried I fit into the huggies 4t-5t, but it didnt come up far enough will cvs come up any higher? Sorry for the bad grammar

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    if you go to cvs get some of the taped adult diapers and get a medium those should fit you perfect

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    Not really sure if this is a highjack or not, but if you can wear Goodnights and they fit, can you wear pullups too? or are they way smaller?

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    Well I prefer pull ups over adult diapers but really I just wanted to know which brand ran bigger?

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    Hey guys viewing the thread lol

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    They wont fit. Huggies has better stretch, but even if you can pull them on without ripping them they will be uncomfortable and very low and skinny. Goodnites look a lot like pull ups these days and would fit much better. Even goodnites won't fit particularly well, but they are fun and is as good as you will likely be able to get at this time.

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    Will ifit into pull-ups size 4-5 t girls if i have a 29 inch waist? im a guy just to let yall know

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    Quote Originally Posted by sampler101 View Post
    Will ifit into pull-ups size 4-5 t girls if i have a 29 inch waist? im a guy just to let yall know
    If I was your size and liked the idea of Pull-Ups, I'd definitely spring for either Goodnites or Underjams in the L/XL size. They'll fit much better, they're much softer, they'll hold more, and the prints are just as cute (IMO).

    Pull-Ups 4T-5T are no larger than size 6 Huggies diapers (in terms of rise), and are a couple of inches shorter than size 6/7 Pampers diapers. Just to give you an idea. Pull-Ups are small, even as baby diapers go!

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    I have to second the suggestion for UnderJams. Not only do I think they'd fit you but I think they are overall a better diaper than any pull-ups or goodnites.

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