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    Hey, just wanted to share with all that like wearing baby diapers- I just bought some pampers extra protection size six at target! I love them! I compared them to my cruisers size seven and they look about the same size if not a little bigger! They smell so strong that it's almost overpowering when you first open the package (I happen to love that). They hold a lot for a baby diaper as long as you don't go too fast. Also very stretchy! The only negative I see so far is that I had to buy the big box (58 count), but that could just be a target thing.

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    Hi, wishitfit (so do I! ) -- Nice find! Most Target stores have been clearing out the Extra Protection diapers. Around where I live, they were the only place to carry EP in size 6, so I was sad to see them go. I now mainly use the size 5's as stuffers inside larger Baby Dry or Cruisers diapers. And indeed, the EP 6's are the same size/shape as Cruisers 7. The tapes are just a little lower on the elastic, and the elastic is slightly less stretchy.

    And I love the smell too. It is rather strong, but I think that title still goes to Luvs.

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    You know, I'd love to try them, but I feel it'd be a waste of money. I wear a 30, 32 waist, I really don't think I'd be able to fit into anything but adult diapers.

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    Ow, lovely I like them baby diapers too. I am not that fat, I can see my bones and stuff so I might fit in them, only thing is they don't have small packages these days and a store where they don't know me(been on tv for six years) isn't that easy to find. I get oogled by everyone and a seventeen year old guy buying baby diapers in a store catches attention. If someone notices and get's one good pic' of me it could be all over the magazine covers in no time.

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    I have considered picking some up, but I don't think I'd fit, even after losing weight :P I would give anything to be able to fit comfortably in Huggies. I suppose 'comfortably' is the operative word there, as one can squeeze in with some effort but not be comfortable. Fortunately, I am more than happy with the adult versions. ^^

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