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    Well for the last two or three years now ive felt "off" like something inside of me changed. I feel I'm not happy as much as I used to be, that i have to put on a fake personality to be happy while talking to people. But after talking to them and i walk away, i just feel not right. I truly can't explain what it is? I think its because 3 years ago i lost my dad, and he was the most important thing to me ever. But now hes gone Ive fell into this rut to where i dont even have fun with friends anymore, so i stop talking to them and im loosing a lot of friends. So what im asking is am i depressed? I feel like i could be but i have no idea.... I just feel lost.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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    Littlejustin, you could be depressed & with what you have said about you losing your dad, it could be the cause of it!! Think about this, would your dad want you to be in the rut you are in now or would he want you to go on & be happy, making memories with your friends & family you still have here with you now? Would he want you to have fun with life & enjoy every day you get to wake up in the morning, still here? I don't know about your faith & what you believe in, but he, your dad, is still here with you in just a different capacity, still watching over you & if he is anything like my dad is, he would want you to be happy & smile about what you still have here with you!! I am sorry to hear you lost him & I hope things get better for you as time goes on!! Take care of yourself, ok?


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    Justin, I'm sorry you lost you dad. Your feelings are pretty normal. I'm glad you're reaching out here for some support. Yes, you are probably suffering from some level of depression but your family doctor is a much better person to speak with about this. Justin, you are not alone and if you let them folks will certainly reach out to support you in your loss and pain.

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