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Thread: Am I crazy or do ALL storebrand adult diapers suck?

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    Default Am I crazy or do ALL storebrand adult diapers suck?

    Is anyone with me on this? I mean, what is it with this? Why do these have to suck? I know what "storebrand" products are and what they are often like but there is something particularly bad about these. I mean for those who have experimented with expanding to properly wear or somehow remember child diaper brands like Huggies, Pampers, Pull Ups, Underjams, or Goodnites know that there is a COMPLETE different feel to these then the garbage they have in stores. Like, from what I can understand, they feel good to wear wet, dry, and messy! Companies like Abena and Bambino are trying and succesful to some degree but I think that people who actually need to wear them should have convenient AND solid choices. I mean, arnt these things supposed to work? I mean like arent they supposed to absorb and feel nice on the skin? Who is with me here?

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    I agree store brand do suck I try Dry Comfort what is cheap brand and leak after all night bladder I mean I thought this were suppose to give you protecting but seam baby diaper are important then adult need. Why can't we all have same protecting babies get I’m not talk about adult but same care as what baby diaper company do think about make so there are no leaks.

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    I suspect that most people that are long term users don't buy from retail stores and the stores know it. They can't compete on price, selection or service with medical supply companies and don't try.

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    I believe that most store brands are designed to handle dribble incontinence and are supposed to be changed within a few hours.

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    I have found CVS and Walgreen brands to be better than anything else available in stores. They don't hold up to online 'premium' brands. But they are better than anything else i could find locally. Especially if you slit them and double up.

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    How about MOST store brand items suck.

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    I have experienced store brand diapers and I truly feel that they are a waste of money. After trying on Banbinos and other internet bought diapers I only buy diapers online. Sure they are more expensive but they are surly worth the money.

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    The best thing I was able to find locally (at a medical supply store, but still local) was Attends... Boy, am I spoiled by Abenas! I have to double or triple Attends just to make them useable. Store brand diapers (even Attends, which are a little better than store brand diapers) are pretty awful compared to what you can get online, but they're better than nothing.

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    Most store brand diapers aren't intended to be used how an ABDL will use them. They're designed to catch 'spurts', or maybe a continuous dribble, as opposed to floods (even small ones) or repeated wettings.

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    I agree, depends, attends, and all store brands suck. excuse my language. I'm waiting on my Bambinos to come. A bit irrelevant but I had a dream once that I saw Bambino diapers in a Wal-Mart. It was kinda funny too because they had them in the center isle, on sale, and everybody was trying to buy some. I guess I've been spoiled by bambinos so much that I dream about them.

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