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Thread: Wondering about leaks

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    Unhappy Wondering about leaks

    i've only tried diapers twice so far, but both times the diaper leaked a fair amount.
    the diaper i used was within my size range so i know thats not the reason for the leak.
    it was a pull on style so im wondering if that is the reason. the leak was around the top and sides would the style with tapes help prevent the leaks.

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    pull-ons tend to have less absorbancy and no stand-up leak guards. That's probably why they leaked. If those are the only diapers you can get, try wetting them less or wearing two at a time with the bottom of the inner one cut open to increase the absorbancy. If you can, though, you'll probably be happier with a higher quality diaper.

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    There is a huge range of absorbancy. Most of the pull ons are made for occasional leakage, less than one full wetting.

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    Standing leg cuffs are a necessity if you are worried about leaks. They aren't available on most pull ons. You'll need to get tape on diapers to have this level of leak protection.

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