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Thread: how do you cope with losing a family pet

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    Default how do you cope with losing a family pet

    yesterday 11th january my dog died he was 16 i cried way more than i thought i wold and now he's gone the atmosphere in the house feels strange there is no proof we ever had him clearly visible in the house just the odd photo that we have hidden away if any one is interested this was my dog casper when he was about 6 years old Click image for larger version. 

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    i miss him if any one has any tips that will help me cope with loosing him please comment

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    I know I have felt super depressed whenever I have lost a family pet. My golden retriever is almost 13 years old now. I know I will feel absolutely heart broken when she passes. Sometimes loved ones can never be replaced.

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    I have no idea how to help you ease the pain and sorrow. A pet does become a member of the family. It's been over 40 years since my first dog died, and I still miss him. I am sorry for your loss LilRetroBoy.

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    end of freshman year, iwas exactly where you were. i cried for like a week on and off, and nobody at school showed condolences. i went into this state of apathy and didnt care what happened to me or anything. i was angry and felt swindled and robbed. it was awful.

    ive had probably just about every thought youve been having about this, and ive been there. remember. its okay to cry. its okay to be sad, angry, depressed, and all the other stuff youre probably feeling. its a process, let it flow, and you have to let your emotions show, keeping them bottled up inside wont ease anything

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    I've cried over the loss of both our dogs. Our present golden retriever is over 10, and I can't imagine living without her. It's always hard, and the only thing that helps is time. After a while, life gets a little better, but your right, the house seems so empty. I hate to say it, but in each instance of loss, we got another dog. I can remember telling my present dog when she was a puppy, that she would never replace the other, but over time, she has, in her own way. They just find a way to creep (or wag) into your heart.

    All I can tell you is that I'm so sorry for your loss. If it helps, I believe my dogs are waiting for me in the next plain, and I will be with them once again, in a much better world where no one, and no animal every dies.

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    If my dog died? I'd cry. Then cry more. Sorry for your loss

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    I'm sorry to hear you lost your dog this week.
    It's sad, and they dont really have funerals and memorials and such the way they do for people.
    In other words, it seems harder to find peace and "closure" (since few people seem to care anyway).

    I have had trouble (even in New York City) finding appropriate cards for "loss of a pet",
    either card stores don't carry them, or they have one or two selections (blah...).
    It's one of those things, like there's support groups for families of alcoholics (and drug users, etc), but there is no real outreach for people to get through the sadness and loneliness (and worry) of losing a close pet.

    Oh, i found a card to send...

    - Will

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    I know I felt vary sad when my fishy died, I know its not a dog, but it was special to me and my first pet.
    I cry-ed alot, and I took it out into the back yard and buried it. In a small box with some sea shells.
    I though it was nice and It made me feel a bit better.
    I knew Id see my fishy again in heaven(in my opinion all pets go to heaven,except for a cat i knew he was evil.)
    But anyway. after I buried him i went inside and cried more, so i listened to so music it helped.

    I know its hard to loss a pet, or family member(iv lost both, pet fishy, and sister, and a few good friends)
    and its never easy you just got to remember them for who and what they are when they where around. they say times heals all wounds i dont agree, but it does help a bit....

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    I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. We just had to put down our oldest dog who was 13. You can try to remember the good times with your pet and keep a picture of it in your room. Don't be afraid to talk to him, he's still there in spirit. Also, remember that other family members are suffering the loss also but might not know how to deal with their emotions which might appear as uncaring but they also are hurting. Loosing a dog is like having a family member die. A dog is pure love and you are blessed to have shared so many years with him. Cry, let it out, pray and allow your family to comfort you as you comfort them. If I could I'd take away your pain but life requires each of us to experience both the good and the bad. It's going to take time but the pain will dissipate. God bless you.

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    sad to hear about you losing a friend! i wish nobody had to cope with this feeling! but sometimes you cant escape it....

    2 years ago when my previous dog got 11 he became increasingly unhealthy and started to get somewhat retarded we had to get him euthanised.
    i am so against this but he was in such pain! i had to bring him to a vet and then IT happend.... i lost my friend, buddy, pet and we had lost a part of the family! i cried for 3 hours non stop! i know how you feel! and just like Yagnuf says: He's allways there!
    i hope there will be strength for you knowing this! only time wil help cure some of the wounds!

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