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Thread: Counselor who specializes in ab/dl lifestyle in Seattle?

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    Default Counselor who specializes in ab/dl lifestyle in Seattle?

    Does anyone know of any counselor/therapist in the Seattle area who works with or specializes in working with the ab/dl community? I'd really appreciate the help. Thank you.

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    Someone may indeed know, but I doubt they'd find you asking here. I'll get this thread moved to the AB forum instead for you. I the meantime, why not head back to the intros forum and tell us a bit about yourself?

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    I'd don't think there are likely to be many/any who do - it's not widely known about or understood. You might be better seeking out someone who understands regression and ageplay, as they're slightly more common.

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    Pretty unlikely to find one anywhere really, the amount of literature on us is surprisingly small so I doubt that there is one who specializes solely in AB/DLs. You could try and find one that specializes in fetishes and see if that works for you though.

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    What you might find helpful is a sexual psychologist. Have you looked around for any of those?

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    With recent incidents in the media, I'm sure it's more than widely known by now. There's probably a dissertation or two sitting on the desks of many psychology professors waiting to be graded.

    As with any professional relationship you have to shop around. Make inquiries of various professionals in your area the way you would for any other doctor. Tell them what you are dealing with and what you hope to get out of any sessions you might have.

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