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  • I agree with capital punishment and abortion

    46 27.38%
  • I agree with capital punishment but not abortion

    29 17.26%
  • I believe in abortion but not capital punishment

    43 25.60%
  • I believe in neither

    23 13.69%
  • I agree with capital punishment but am undecided on abortion

    6 3.57%
  • I agree with abortion but undecided on capital punishment

    13 7.74%
  • I am undecided on both

    5 2.98%
  • I would rather not say

    3 1.79%
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Thread: Do you believe in capital punishment and/or abortion

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    Default Do you believe in capital punishment and/or abortion

    Ok so my last attempt at a poll was epic fail, but this one should hopefully work. This may be quite a contoversial one but hey so what's your opinion, my thanks to diapered rabbit for helping me in optimising this poll.

    i'll start by saying I believe in neither

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    I believe in both, though I prefer to use the former as more of a "euthanasia". Much like a rabid dog, a career criminal is irredeemable, and needs to be put down for the good of society.

    AFA abortion, until a fetus is viable outside the womb without heroic life support measures, it's still part of the mother. It doesn't have rights until it can breathe air.

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    I haven't voted on the poll because 'I disagree with capital punishment and agree women have a right to abort' wasn't there. That would have probably been the closest to my stance.

    I disagree with capital punishment.

    I wouldn't say I 'agree' with abortion, however I certainly don't disagree with it either. I agree with the woman's right to abort, although my own set of morals don't agree with the process. I recognise that abortion, and the right to abort is a very complicated matter, but I am pro-choice and would never want to take away the right of a woman to have a termination in a safe and legal clinic. I recognise that where abortion is legal there can be social and economic benefits, and that it is often a better choice for the parent(s) than having an unwanted child that they (or often she as many women who abort would not have the support of the baby's father were they to carry the child to term) cannot afford and may resent. These children are more likely to grow up disadvantaged amongst their peers and as such to have emotional, social and behaviour problems as children, teens and adults. The children may end up in foster care, and in the UK looked after children are the most disadvantaged group in society. I also recognise that where a scan shows that an unborn baby will be born with severe, chronic or life-limiting disabilities and/or conditions then the parents often feel it can be in the best interests of both themselves and the unborn baby to abort. I work with severely disabled children, many of whom will die before they reach adulthood and who need 24-hour care; not only do some of these children have a quality of life which some may see as poor, but caring for these children has a major effect on the lives of parents. The divorce rate amongst parents of disabled children is far higher than it is amongst parents whose children do not have disabilities, and the more severe the disability the more likely that the parents will not stay together. I can certainly understand why somebody who finds out their unborn baby will be severely disabled or have a life-limiting condition may come to the difficult decision that abortion is the right course of action for them.

    That said, I also recognise that there are problems with giving women the choice to abort, especially regarding where the father comes into play within the decision. My understanding is that the choice lies solely with the woman who is carrying the child, and that even if the father wishes to take full responsibility for the child following the birth he cannot stop a woman from aborting. Equally, if he wishes to abort and the mother chooses not to he still has to take responsibility for the baby once it is born, at least in terms of financial child-support even if he chooses not to be emotionally involved with the child. This is, obviously, unfair, but I don't think there is an alternative way around it. Childbirth can be dangerous for mother and baby, not to mention painful for the mother, and pregnancy can be intensely uncomfortable so I don't think it would be right to give fathers the right to stop a woman from having an abortion, even if he is happy to care for the child once it is born. For these reasons I can also see why women may not see adoption as a reasonable alternative. Abortion can also be carried out quietly, discreetly and without having to inform the world; carrying a baby to term is not, and many women may find having to explain both their pregnancy and their decision not to keep the baby once it is born deeply uncomfortable. Even if these problems have no solution, they still no doubt complicate the matter in some situations.

    Ultimately, I would not ever consider an abortion myself unless there was an almost certain risk of death to myself with carrying the child to term or if the child was at almost certain risk of dying within a few days of birth, and even then I would struggle with the decision and may still elect not to abort. I do see a foetus as a baby, even at the very early stages at which terminations are usually carried out. I do see that unborn baby as a future life, and a being with a soul/spirit. I have several friends who have elected to have abortions, and although I would not say as much to them their decision does make me uncomfortable when I think about it, and I do find it hard to justify that way in thinking. I wouldn't equate an abortion to murder, in the same way that although I am vegetarian I don't equate killing animals/fish to murder (I do equate capital punishment to murder, although that is another debate that will no doubt take form later on this thread) but I guess I would equate the ideology that it is not my place to end the life of another living animal which lead me to become vegetarian with my feeling that it is not really my place as a woman to purposefully end the life of any baby I may be carrying. These, however, are my decisions based on my morals, and in the same way I respect those who choose to eat meat I respect those who choose to abort, despite my own views on the matter. I recognise my life and my future goals to be very different from them; from when I was very young my only real wish for 'when I grow up' was to be a mother and to have babies, and I know I will want to have a large family when that time comes. I am quite a baby-orientated person and very maternal and so to me the thought of aborting a baby is quite upsetting, but I imagine to people who are not so sentimental regarding their future as a parent the idea is not quite so horrifying.

    I would be horrified if my right not to abort were taken away, and if I were somehow forced to live a future without a child I wanted. For that reason I can understand how a person with a different view of their future to my own may be horrified if their right to abort were taken away, and they were forced to live a future with a child they didn't want. So for that reason I certainly am pro-choice, and agree with giving people the right to abort, however that is still not to say that I 'agree' with abortion, just that I recognise a person's right to make that choice. As I said, it is a very complicated issue.

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    i think this realy difficult topic for a forum .. im a more liberal german .. im not have a realy christian attitude but her i like say
    the human not have to kill .. whatever could be the crime .. a child what is dissabled and so far .. a lot of familys broken with this ..
    and i want say .. a rich family .. can do what want .. without watching laws .. going in a other country and ready .. all this laws
    more for not rich people maked maybe ? .. and sure folks , i have three kids and im NOT for end frivolous a life ! but the chance
    look at severe disabilities .. maybe even social points could be in this discussion ..
    we not will get a result .. this sure .. the views are to be different .. This remains a snapshot, I think ?

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    I have no issue with either capital punishment or abortion. I do, however, think that people who support capital punishment tend to be way, way, way too comfortable in using it.

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    I put that I'm against capital punishment, although I'm not sure that's 100% sure. I get very upset when I head of people being killed in America, and in my veiw there's always a worry that the person might be innocent. It's not like you can bring them back to life, apolgise, and send them on their way if we got it wrong. On the other hand, if something brutal happened to me or my family I would probably be the first person in support of it. It's a very difficult one to call, but I'm going to stick to 'I'm against it' as my final answer.

    As for abortion... that's a tough one too.When I was 17 I had a pregnancy scare. I was bloody terrified. Turns out my pee doesn't let the tests work. Both ones from the chemist and the doctor. And then my blood test came back inconclusive as well. I genuinely thought my life was over. I don't think I'm strong enough to abort a child of my own, but I know that I wouldn't have been able to take care of the baby as it should have been. As for giving my child up for adoption - that would have killed me emotionally. Had I been pregnant I have no idea what I would have done... it was a situation which would have been a nightmare whatever I chose!

    Anyway, my point is that abortion can be a necessary option for some women.

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    Well I believe in both, AND think we are far too soft on prisoners. IPP prisoners (Lifers - Rape, Paedophilia & Murder) should also be tested on (Chemicals, medicines, beauty products etc), saves the animals that get put through pain every day!

    And yes every woman has the choice to abort if necessary, my last partner and I split up when she was pregnant, and she made the decision to abort (Out of spite which I didn't agree with).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbus View Post
    Well I believe in both, AND think we are far too soft on prisoners. IPP prisoners (Lifers - Rape, Paedophilia & Murder) should also be tested on (Chemicals, medicines, beauty products etc), saves the animals that get put through pain every day!
    Pedophilia isn't a crime.

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    Yes it BLOODY well is, you don't think that messing around with Children is wrong???!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbus View Post
    Yes it BLOODY well is, you don't think that messing around with Children is wrong???!!!!
    he means actual attraction to children isn't a crime, going through with urges certainly is

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