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Thread: Secret Disposal Tips?

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    Default Secret Disposal Tips?

    I've always kept my used diapers in a seperate garbage bag in my room. Up until recently, I always had someone that would take the bag for me upon request. Howere, that person's no longer around. My current issues are:

    A) Keeping the bag, and smell down until I can throw it away.
    B) Finding a point in time where I can get the bag out to the trash so my dad won't smell it before they pick up the trash.
    C) Getting it to the trash withough gathering suspicion from my father or broher.
    If I could find a way to sort of "seal" the odor in the bag, I could probably take it to the bin any old day and no one would be the wiser.
    Anyone have any useful hints?

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    I keep individual diapers in single bags hidden in an area with my wipes and other diaper supplies until I have time/space to dispose of them.

    I have slipped diapers into the trash on days just before it went to the dump.
    I have dropped off diapers in dumpsters in areas where I had access to them.
    I have dropped off diapers in public restroom garbage if I happened to have them in my backpack at the time.

    It seems like your main issue is being able to get them to the trash and out of the house safely. Having bags that keep smell in is certainly beneficial to this but I would be careful because if your dad sees too many of these unusual bags he might look into one and then I imagine he would be in for a surprise. The easiest way I found to get rid of diapers was to integrate them into my kitchen trash and change the garbage bag. It looks like you are doing something genuinely helpful but you are actually the beneficiary from it. Since I would cook myself an omelette's from time to time it wasn't too unusual if I didn't have space in the bag for eggshells or bags from Ham/Peppers/Onions.

    If you're wetting the diapers drink a lot of fluids to dilute the urine and keep the smell down. If you're messing the diapers I don't really think you would have a prayer of hiding them anyways.

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    Hi Greeniebell.
    Despite living alone, in my own place, there are times when I have the same challenge as you mention. Such as when I am visiting my family or friends.

    I have always found that disposing of them individually is the best way, if that might work for you. I am not sure how many you get through each day, but if you can, after use, roll them up tight into a ball (as you probably do anyway) into a plastic bag and smuggle them out of your house one by one after use. You could probably get one or two in a school bag/sports bag and just find a safe trashcan near to home that you can use. If you wear a lot, perhaps dispose in several trashcans.
    This should work if you are wetting them only. Any messing is immediately harder to deal with for obvious reasons, and you would need to adios those diapers immediately after use.
    I hope it works out for you.

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    I individually bag mine in some scented diaper disposal bags I got from the local dollar store, then I put those into a larger 13 gallon scented garbage bag. After I get about 3 or so(about a weeks for me, don't wear much). I'll load them into my truck late one night, or early morning when I leave for work. Then when we close at work I dump them into the dumpster at work along with other trash, receipts, etc that may be in my truck.

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    Ziploc Freezer bags are GREAT for absolutely blocking ALL the odors. You can fit a couple of diapers in one and dispose at your convenience. While not the cheapest option, it is perhaps the most effective solution to odor I have found when it comes to storage and disposal.

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    Get one of those large salt shakers they use for popcorn at theaters and fill with baking soda.

    Then before bagging the wet diaper shake a thin layer over the wet area. then bag.

    This will keep the bacteria from growing and absorb the odors,

    Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle will also kill the bacteria but is not as good for odors.

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    I usually double bag my diapers with the diaper bags from the dollar store. Because I hide my condition at work I will place the used diapers in my backpack and then dispose of them when I get home in the normal trash. This tremendously helped with odor control. Also, if you drive, you can throw the diapers away at a gas station along with other garbage from your car.

    But if you have a black 13 gal trash bag and fill it with these scented wrapped diapers in diaper bags you can conceivably throw them out each week.

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    Thank you guys. I didn't even know these scented diaper bags from the dollar store existed, and I'm planning on getting some soon. I'm definitely going to try all your suggestions.

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    I usually don't have much of a problem at home, living alone, I have a 13Gal can that I empty out every other day or so to a nearby dumpster, when visiting my folks, who currently don't have running water, I just dump em in the outhouse or burn em. hopefully, i'll fix thei'r running water issue weekend after next, but, only as greywater (sink ant washwater waste) they are not interested in a septic system that will handle solid wastes. (due to lack of a well, they recycle light greywater into their greenhouse garden) it'll be years before they'll afford to get a well permit, and have to truck it in. it actually gives a bit of meaning to CONSERVE, they use about 5Gal a day between consumption and washing.

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