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Thread: new member here..

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    Default new member here..

    Hello to all.. I was lead to this site by a friend of mine.. I have had issues with control for awhile now and have to wear diapers..which is all fine and good... I've also as of late tried a little regression..anyways am here just to be around other like minded ppl.. As for me in other regards. I love to game..tabble top or video.heck am also an avid any case can't wait to meet the great people here

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    well hello Tempest366, hope that you enjoy your time here

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    Hello and welcome to Adisc!
    Sounds like a good friend =)
    What sort of games are you into? I myself love epic adventure games such as Elder Scrolls and Fallout.
    I'm trying to get into gardening myself, that is a tiny patch with some beans in it hehe.

    Anyway welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your stay =)

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    Welcome Tempest366!
    I hope you enjoy your experience with us on ADISC!

    Just curious, I'm sure you wear more than most of us here (based on reading your introduction), anyway, what diapers do you like best? Do you wear the same kind in the daytime as well as for sleeping?


    - Will

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    Ok as for games in the fallout series as we as elder fact am playing skyrim right now...i love to garden..i find it is relaxing.. In any case yes I do wear diapers quite often... Why how often to ppl on here wear them? But as for what I use..depends pull up briefs... Day or night have never had a problem w them... Any other questions? Feel free and ask and ill answer them

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    Ah Skyrim, I'd get some quests done if I wasn't so interested in the literature =P

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    Welcome to the forum, i hope it provides you with all you seek

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    @ redbus..i hope it does offer me what I need..even though I think I'm still trying to figure out that [email protected] bunk..hey Hun great to see you..

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    Well have been on here for a bit. Still could use some friends to talk to..but am getting alot more comfortable with things..

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