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Thread: Has anybody pretty much had a paci there whole life?

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    Default Has anybody pretty much had a paci there whole life?

    I just wondered, how many of you out there couldn't give up your pacifiers as kids and had them after age 4 but not just for *BDL reasons?

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    i would of loved to have kept mine my whole life but my mom made me get rid of them when i was 5

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    After my mom took my paci away at one i started sucking my thumb and that went on the rest of my life till I decided to start using a paci again. But that was for teeth reasons. Now totally love it and will never give it up.

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    I didn't have a paci as a baby

    I'm making up for lost time now though

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    The "there" (there, they're, their} you were looking for in the title of your post was their.

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    I don't know how long I kept mine for, but my mom has repeatedly mentioned how much I loved my paci... hehe

    She actually kept it for some reason too. I found it a while ago and have taken it out on occasion to use. It's pretty small though, so I'll probably be getting a Nuk5 sometime soon.

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    I have the pacifier i had when i was ababy XD my mom always save that kind of thigns XD

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