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Thread: First time diapered in over a year!

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    Default First time diapered in over a year!

    Tonight is the first time I've had a diapers on in over a year! My boyfriend moved in with me a year ago. I love living with him but I didn't feel I could tell him about my ABDL side, so haven't had any diapers in the house since he moved in. There is no way I could get rid of my dummy collection, so I keep that well hidden, and indulge myself when I'm on my own.

    An order I got from pacifiersrus came with a free diaper which I wasn't expecting, and tonight I have the house to myself, so I've put it on and am going to make the most of the evening.

    It feels great being diapered after all this time. I feel a little tinge of guilt but my view is that it's not hurting him so it can't do any harm once in a while. And I don't have the house to myself all that often.

    Just wondering about other people's experiences of living with someone that doesn't know - does anyone else wait until their partner isn't around to get diapered up? how long have you gone without being diapered? Do you ever get the chance to get diapered and how do you manage it?

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    If you're expecting a long term relationship then you might have to consider telling him eventually. If he really loves you then he should be open to it (even if he doesn't want to get involved personally). Keeping a secret like this in a relationship for a long time can be quite a problem.

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    I went around 15 years not being diapered well truely diapered i got baby diapers but its just not the same so im saying 5 - 20 was my wait LOL

    @cgh i will have to agree if you plan on marrying or watever i would suggest telling sooner rather then later youve lived with him for a year im sure if you told him he wouldnt go ape wall and leave you i know if my gf told me something that i would seem wierd i would be ok with it if it didnt harm them or any thing well good luck

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    With luck your relationship will evolve to a level of trust where you'll be able to have that discussion. Who knows, he may enjoy changing you and get into it himself if you offer to keep his confidence. Good luck and enjoy your private moments in the meantime.

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