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Thread: What put you in a BAD mood?

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    Default What put you in a BAD mood?

    me? any kind of pressure even if its low(not physical pressure, u get it)
    what about you guys? (just copieing the thread what put you in a good mood ^^)
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    Getting scolded, regardless of whether I deserved it or not. I'm kind of sensitive.

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    When people in my art class talk crap about each other. I have some very rude people in that class that constantly talk down on other people and make fun of their artwork. It's just uncalled for, immature, and rude.

    Oh, sometimes my Dad gets stressed and takes it out on me by yelling at me over the dumbest things. That puts me in a pretty foul mood.

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    False fronts the people put up. I dislike facades.

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    Well, fitting you posted this today as I was about ready to quit my job, so...MY BOSS! :P

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    people patronizing me and talking to me like I'm thick

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    WHen people make a mistake then lie to try and cover themselves. Don't lie it makes things worse. Also when people see something out of the ordinary about other people and treat it like a freak show.

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    Politics, politicians, waste, entitlement... among many other things. ;-)

    Unless I'm on Xanax at the dentist, then everything is groovy

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    Quote Originally Posted by SterlingArcher View Post
    Lies, and being lied to
    AHAH then you wont like me
    i lied
    ahah its a lie a lied about the fact i lied

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