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Thread: Important safety message.

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    All I gotta say is........OUCH!!!!!!! LOL

    Can you see him trying to explain to his new wife why his penis is in a cast now? What a nut!!! Pun intended!!!

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    I have heard of people putting weights under their circumcised foreskin in the hopes of making it grow back. It works, too. But they use big bearing-type things.

    (Also, 400th post.)

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    Someone would DO THAT? I pity for humanity after reading news like that. I really do. Poor stupid man but I think he got what he deserved, to be honest.

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    I was very confused when I first started to read the article.

    But then I got it. "So they meant THAT kind of nut."

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    Thats almost as bad as the guy who was having sex with a hole in a park bench, they had to remove the park bench which was cemented, or bolted to the concrete, and put him in the ambulance with it.

    Then they extracted the bench from him in the hospital, I pretty sure it was in china, during the olympics.

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    Wait do they mean a "Nut" as in like a nut and bolt you know the \kind that goes with screws? Or do they mean "Nut" like the slang term for the body part?

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