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    What a diaper deal in Denver at the Colfax ARC Store. Yesterday the store was loaded with medium and large plastic covered diapers. No specfic brand as they were all wrapped in clear plastic. The price was $4.99
    I wish I worked at a store like this to get the great deals

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    No way nice. I'm down in Denver today so I might just stop in there to see whAt they are. Ive found some decent stuff at thrift stores before.

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    Yah but the ones in unmarked clear bags are always shitty hospital grade ones. May as well be wearign a garbage bag witha couple paper towels in it.

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    I'v found some great deals at thrift stores, on diapers that is.
    like an unopened pack of attends from the 90s for $5
    2 packs of 12 abena abri-flex S1's pull ups for $7 a pack, too bad they don't fit
    9 euron form tape on for $4
    16 kolibri form slips for $5 these don't fit either
    these are from over the last year
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    at first i was way to scared to buy diapers in a pharmacy or medical store so i started shopping around a lot at thrift stores and found some really good deals compared to what they cost new. yes i have ended up wearing bad ones cuz they don't hold much or the tapes are coming undone a lot, but also have learn a lot about which ones work best for me. i still shop for them. although a lot that i have found that are just in a bag have no size on them so it's tricky to know if they fit me.

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    I also like to check out the thrift and secondhand stores for adult diapers. I have found some really good deals and on occasion, found some nice quality adult vinyl pants that were in pretty good shape. You can find things on Craigslist and the yard sale ads as well.

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    Today I scored big at the world mission thrift - 2 cases of attends circa 1995, the 4 tape kind, white with 4 blue tapes, they are perma dry which has that weird nylon like padding, size large for $12! If attends still made them like this I would def wear them more often.

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    What kind of Thrift stores sell diapers? Goodwill? Or just any kind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crinklechef View Post
    If attends still made them like this I would def wear them more often.
    I know what you mean, man. Wearing one now to use up the case I bought recently. They have been bunching up, falling apart, and leaking pretty bad.. It's too bad because I obsessed over finding attends as a kid. Before I really found out too much about adult diapers, I always used to see attends in the local chain. As far as I was concerned, the only Adult Diapers in existence were Depends, Attends, and store brand. By the time I could buy them, Attends left all of the chains and were nowhere to be found. Finally got my hands on some two years ago and they weren't as amazing as I had dreamt them up to be. There is no contest with Attends and the topline diapers.. Hmph.

    Oh well, I still buy them because i have a diaper collecting obsession as well as wearing. I always want variety in my stash.

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    I find them at most thrift stores in my area - goodwill, salvation army, world mission, etc....however i find the best kinds at st vincent de paul (i've scored molicare and tranquility atn's multiple times).... I would have to say I am obsessed with thrift store diaper searching

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