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    Red face New diaper shippment

    Well it's been a while since my last round of wearing but I've been thinking a lot about it. I tend to go in cycles and might go for more than a year without indulging my fetish. Yes, for me wearing diapers is a sexual fetish. I just love the feeling of a nice snug cloth diaper between my legs. I've even gone so far as to sew my own cloth diapers from Birdseye cloth. Birdseye is my favorite by far. I'm not a fan of gause but certainly understand those who are. Anyway I've now been away for more than a year, disposed of all my cloth diapers and kind of settled into what most folks would call a "normal" life. NOT!

    [Removed] I wish the internet had been around when I was younger. Oh yea, I'm Gay and out to my family and friends. I have been accused of being too straight if that's possible. Unfortunately because of that I don't get to meet other guys since they wouldn't think I was Gay. My fantasy is a young gay cub who loves diapers.
    Now as to my latest shipment of diapers. I've evolved to all disposables and have a particular fondness for Bambinos. Thanks to the various DL sites I've discovered AB Universe, WOW. I love wearing diapers but not messing in them although I have begun wetting and enjoying it. I also get of wearing in public under jeans just for the thrill. I wore one to work yesterday and changed in the men's room once. Why do we challenge ourselves like this?
    Through my browsing sessions I've been introduced to a number of new diaper companies and some sites that provide free samples. Those began arriving yesterday and I'm psyched! Sooooo, I'm going to enjoy myself for the next several months going through all my new samples and reading about other's on this site.

    Take care,
    Yagnuf (Gayfun)
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    wow great story, i also like diaper for the sexual part. butt i am not gay:P

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    hello welcome to ADSIC before i get into anything congradz dude on sighing up and making this post it can be nerve reacon like going to the pharmice for the first time and geting nappies and evryone staries at you and makes u a little embersed. well the cmunity here are nice and helpful and ther plenty people to talk to who are going thourh the same thing as you but any way i hope u enjoy this site and with us for a long run


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    Hi, Yagnuf. Gay here too. Sure, I guess there is a little bit of sexual attraction for me, but it's mostly just a comfort/snuggly part of me now. I've been sleeping diapered for so many years, it has become my usual bedtime routine (not really sexually exciting at all). Wow! I'm impressed you wore to work. I've worn adult pull ups to work before - but diapers? Don't have the guts. So....(awkward silence) what other things do you like to do? We like to get to know the whole person here at ADISC - to include diapers, but also everything else. Hope to hear more from you.

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