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Thread: I almost assaulted a customer today.

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    Default I almost assaulted a customer today.

    Ok, here's the situation, broken down into bullets.

    - I work at a gas station called PDQ
    - The Super America (SA) across the street was selling gas at 3.49/gal., 2 cents below the legal state price of 3.51
    - We were selling gas at 3.58/gal, and had called corporate, but we weren't allowed to go any lower.
    - There is a coupon called a Husky Card, purchased through the school, that entitles a customer to 3 cents off a gallon. This coupon expired on August 31st 2008 and was replaced by a card that gave 4 cents off a gallon, which lasts until September '09.
    - The customer in question had an EXPIRED CARD (remember that)

    So the customer pumps around $21 worth of gas and comes in to pay for it. He hands me the husky card (which says quite clearly on the front of the card "EXPIRES 8-31-2008" aka yesterday) and I say "I'm sorry sir, this coupon is expired, i can't accept it." He gets a bit angry and says "Well it says 3 cents off at PDQ right here on the back" and shows it to me as though I've never seen a husky card before (and I see plenty).

    I say, calmly, "Yes, but it says right here that it expires on the last day of august, which was yesterday, and it's against store policy to accept expired coupons. Again, I'm sorry, but I can't take it." At this point I was ready to say **** it and take it anyway to avoid an argument and just tel him this was the last time he could use it, but then he went on the offensive.

    "You know I can get gas cheaper across the street, right? The only reason I come here is because of that coupon!" (The irony here is that even with the coupon he still would pay more here. Thus, he's an idiot.) And I say "Yes, I know they're much cheaper, but they're below the state legal low of $3.51. They're literally giving away two cents a gallon and if they don't raise it soon they can get a fine. We called corporate (here's where he cut me off, but had I continued I would have said) and asked if we could match but this was as low as they would let us go."

    He butted in with "I don't care if it's illegal, it's my money and if I can get gas cheaper there then that's what I'll do." Now at this point there was another customer who had come in to ask for directions, and this is what really pissed me off - he tried to drag her into it.

    "Hey lady," he said, very rudely, "If you're getting gas here, don't, it's cheaper across the street." Fortunately she was just looking for directions and told him that. She gave me a bit of an apologetic look and shook her head. He paid full price (I should have charged him extra for being an @$$hole) and left

    Reasons he's an asshole:
    2. He would have paid more here even with the coupon
    3. He tried to get other customers involved

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    dude I know this experince oh so well. See I used to work at Esso, and we always get people like that. Its one of the reasons I quit, plus the people who ran it were complete dumbass

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    So, $21 @ $3.58/gal means he got about a little under 6 gallons of gas. This meaning, he'd have saved around 18. Holy crap. People are so stupid. What a wanker.

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    ....and they give people like this a license to operate a dangerous piece of machinery like a car?

    Manveru, you deserve a bonus from PDQ for keeping your cool under the circumstances, IMO. The way some customers act these days you have to be very patient or you'll end up wringing their necks. I hear it all the time from our kids.


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    Wow, WHAT A NOOB...


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    I know you get people like that at stores, especially at gas stations because people have to deal with the frustration of higher gas prices. What funny to me is that my brother desperately wants to work cash at a gas station, because he believes that suffering that kind of abuse and the danger of robbery makes him more manly and cool. We all have our idiots to deal with I guess, lol.

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    Wow... WHAT A NOOB!!!


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    I think you should have to take an iq test to get a drivers license cause people that stupid are the reason i don't drive

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