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    Question Urinary Tract Infections

    Hey guys, I'll mess about maybe once or twice a month and when I do, often I'll find when I'm changing that there's fecal matter on my genitals, even on the pee hole. Is this cause for alarm of a UTI? There's a lot of germs in feces, so how do those of you who do mess deal with this issue and not ever become ill from it?
    thanks for any replies guys.

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    You have try and prevent that from happening - are you a girl or a boy? As a boy - it's normally a little harder to catch UTIs in this way as the germs have further to travel. Always try and clean up ASAP after messing and if you're a boy position yourself such that it wont make contact.

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    This is something that slightly worries me since I sometimes sleep messy and don't usually rush to change if I mess during the day. You could try pointing it upwards I guess.

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    Yes it is easy to get UTI's from fecal matter. As a diaper girl I always change immediately and usually shower as well to make sure I'm clean. My daughter has had a lot of uti's because of this issue.

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    A DL friend, and medical professional told me recently that the risk is much higher for females to suffer from UTIs from such diaper usage and play than males, quite simply because of the shorter distance the bacteria need to travel up to do harm.

    I would say, where possible, after a good messing, enjoy the sensation for a short while, but the proceed to getting a good wash very swiftly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overnight View Post
    As a boy - it's normally a little harder to catch UTIs in this way as the germs have further to travel.
    That advice is true of bladder infections, not UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). That starts at your urethra whether you're male or female. I've had a few brief minor UTIs in the first few inches, not fun.

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