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    Hi; I'm not really new here though I never posted or anything back when was around.

    I'm a seventeen year old boy from PA who just has a fascination with diapers and I don't really know if I would like to experiment with the whole teen baby scene or not, though it does interest me as well. And I haven't put on a diaper for at least a year now; nor have I ever done anything in them. So...yeah. haha, I'm not very good at the introductions...

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    No, you aren't but welcome none-the-less. ^^ Y
    I'm just kidding and don't be afraid of posting more often.


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    Hey. Welcome to the site. Want to tell us a little about yourself? Interests? Hobbies?

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    You were around on TBDL. I feel a little silly welcoming you been as I wasn't. Oh well, welcome to ADISC. Don't worry about the introduction - a lot of peoples are shorter than yours. Perhaps you could tell us some stuff about yourself - what are you into etc.

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    Hey nice to hear from you. I promis most people here do not bite, even the furries are more bark then Bite.
    There are people here of every level of interest in diapers so I think you will find a few people that will be in your situation or have been.

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