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Thread: Covering up diapers in public

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    Post Covering up diapers in public

    I am trying to find a good way to cover my diaper in public. I have tried tucking shirts in and it never works they always come untucked. And Ideas

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    Some people wear onsies underneath their clothes. Even when you bend over, the onsie keeps the diaper covered. Onsies aren't always comfortable, however. Long tailed blouses or shirts would be the only other answer.

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    I would also suggest the wearing of a hoodie or coat. Preferably one that's big enough to drape past your waistline.

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    Wear underwear over your diaper and like dogboy said make sure to wear a long enough undershirt that can be tucked in. A belt always helps too. I also like to make sure I'm not flashing anyone and keep myself looking and feeling descent in public. Good Luck!

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    I wear two shirt layers. Usually I wear a long t-shirt to tuck in, then a button-down shirt untucked or long sweater or sweatshirt over it. That way I have double coverage and protection, and it seems to work pretty well. I also use a belt to keep my pants or jeans up and in place.

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    Like other have said long jackets can help, the underwear over the diaper is usually a good idea (and supposedly cuts down on the sound). In my experience long skirts can be pretty good at hiding diapers while you are standing up at least (experience isn't from wearing a skirt =P), though might be an issue when sitting down. Other then those don't really have anything I can say will work 100%, though I'm sure there are plenty of things (just don't have any experience with them).

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    Covering diapers how? Buldge? Crinkles? Do they show over the top of your pants?

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    I generally don't make any more effort to hide my diapers than I would if I was wearing regular underwear. However, back at the start I used to try and wear a onesie under my shirt as that prevents the back of your diaper showing and can help with sagging or the infamous diaper bulge.

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    A way to help you better with your particular situation is to know

    a.) What is your normal attire
    b.) What diaper are you trying to hide

    The reason for this is that if you are wearing very casual clothes then you can bump it up one size to accommodate a large diaper. Also, by knowing which diaper you wear it tells us about what thickness you are worrying about. Some people get in a panic over Abena M2's, which are virtually invisible. Still there are others who feel a dry24/7 is virtually unnoticeable (it swells VERY much), and these behave differently in different outfits.

    For me, my trick is compression shorts to keep the diaper close to the body and avoid sagging and a blazer to cover both front and back diaper bulges. If I am working out in a public place I wear a onsie so that my diaper does not appear over my sweatpants. If I am in a casual situation I wear jeans and an untucked buttondown or a large sweater. But these work for me because I try to dress in a professional manner at all times. For other people, they will have different styles of dress and different tricks.

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