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Thread: Present Day Slang Defs Needed

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    Red face Present Day Slang Defs Needed

    OK, showing my total naive-ness with this thread. I keep seeing certain slang words used over and over not just on ADISC, so I'm breaking down and asking for some definitions to understand what is meant. Here's some of them:


    I'm guessing 'Emo' is short for 'emotional', and 'Pwned' and 'Owned' are very similar in meaning? Also the context of where they're used seems to indicate possibly more than one meaning. Some good definitions would be very useful to understand today's oft used words. Every generation has their own slang expressions, so perhaps some of these were known by another name in my teen days. Appreciate the education!

    Oh, and feel free to add any other similar slang words along with a definition that are commonly used today by younger folks. Expressions I might come across here or places like Myspace and Youtube.


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    To be honest man I couldn't tell you the exact meaning of half the words I'd use in person sometimes you kinda gotta feel it

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    Well, emo are those kids that run around with long bangs, listening to whiny music and complaining about how horrible life is.

    Owned and pwned are pretty much the same thing. It means they lost, badly

    Shagged is british for sex, as far as I know. I don't know if it has any other use.

    I have no idea what tagged is

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    Emo is originally a music genre...And is still kind of used that way, but lately it's being used as "emotional" kids...Which tend to be the kids who dress kind of goth/punkish...

    Owned and Pwned are pretty much the same thing...They are mostly used in like video games, when you beat someone...But they tend to be used by kids who say owned/pwned after everytime they kill someone in a way that requires no experience whatsoever...

    Not too sure on the others

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    Emo is usually used as a derogatory term, but it is a genre of music, a fashion style, and an attitude. The latter being the reason it's usually derogatory. You can draw comparison in that punk, grunge and goth also cover those three categories of pop culture in their respective times.

    The music is usually a generic pop punk, "my life sucks and no one understands me". The difference is it's commonly coming from artists, and being listened to by those who really have no place claiming so.
    The fashion is essentially a dulled down version of goth.
    And the attitude falls in line with the music. Emokids are not ones that typically make good company because they tend to be dramatical, and annoying.

    Owned, as mentioned, means that someone lost quite badly. Pwned means the same thing but the origin is within online culture deriving from l33tspeak.

    Shagged, yeah british slang for sex.

    Tagged.... umm... not a clue. Whats the context it was given in? Only thing I could think of would be graffiti artists, or gangs marking buildings and such.

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    This is what Urban Dictionary has to say (beware some coarse language and the kind of content you expect from Urban Dictionary):

    - Emo

    - Pwned

    - Owned

    - Shagged

    - Tagged

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    A sub-culture, much like the Gothic sub-culture, but different.
    Short for "emotional"; refers to a person (mostly teens) who dress in dark colours, have skinny legs, low cut bangs, and sometimes have an assortment of leather/chain wristbands and belts. They are related to the Goths in fashion, but are distinct from them. Usualy hate the world or themselves or their family. Some are depressed, others like the fashion, and some just want attention. Some are depressed, and some cut their arms to cope with stress.
    Also refers to a genre of music that emulates the same things

    A typo for owned, though it has become a word of it's own, meaning the exact same thing as 'owned'.

    Killed, dominated. EX. If you beat someone at a sport, you 'owned' them.

    British for sex.

    'Tagging' is the process of spray painting your or your gang's name and symbol onto walls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mako View Post
    Tagged.... umm... not a clue. Whats the context it was given in? Only thing I could think of would be graffiti artists, or gangs marking buildings and such.
    Thanks for all the understanding so far.

    Mako, here's one video using 'tagged' in the title: YouTube - OMG I got Tagged

    Possibly means picked or chosen to do something? There's several more videos using the term "tagged" if you do a search. Almost seems to be randomly used at times.

    For some reason the text isn't showing to the right of the video, but on the search screen the words "tagged" and "pwnageowner" are used. That last slang word would have confused me to no end.:wink:


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    As Jaiden mentioned, when I don't know something slang I just head over to Urban Dictionary, September 1: Thumb me and search. It's not always work safe, but it's usually pretty good.

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    if 'tagged' was posted on a message board, it means someone was posting in the topic to make it show up in their 'messages posted' list or 'message history' so it could be tracked and referred to later.

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