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    Hi ablackdl9 here,

    I'm currently studying to work in Computer Security, but when I'm ready to transfer to a university I will have 2 associate degrees and 7 certificates of achievement (Not bad for a 3 full years). What a couple of hobbies of mine are watching racing (like NASCAR, F1, and Indy), working on computers, programming/gamer. I have taken several classes to get my A+ certification, but the money that is involved to take each test is more expensive than I originally thought. So I'm saving up for my certifications while in school. Although programming is one of my hobbies, I sort of fell out of programming and would also like to learn different kinds of programming languages.

    What brings the sense of diaperness and regression to me is I really can't explain it. It just seems like it is the right place for me. As far as the diaperness goes, but the regression seems like it going hand in hand because sometimes you can be in pull-ups and the next day you can be in a thick padded diaper. I came to the site for a sense of community with people that like the same things as me.

    What my main thing that I want to get out of this site is that reading about other people stories, making a few friends along the way, and maybe creating a game like the Weston Academy or another type of game for the general public.

    I hope that it doesn't have to many errors in it and hopefully you guys understand my intro. Yes, english is my native tongue, but I suck at writing; even though I can bs a good 750 word paper in an hour and a half. I still suck at writing.

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    Hey there! Welcome to ADISC!

    What a great intro you've got there!

    I'm impessed you plan to go into computer security! Technology isn't my strong point! I count myself lucky if I can turn the laptop on and nothing goes awry!

    Hope you enjoy your time here

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    lol Thanks, well I have crashed a few computers in my day (which is why I don't keep a count of how many times they crash only the time that they don't)

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    Good call! I try to not count how often I break technology, but my boyfriend and I share a laptop and he gets cross with me when I break things and never lets me forgot it!

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    Yeah, I crash me and my brother's computer 7 times to get it back to the original state that it was in. I still haven't lived that one down.

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    Hi Ablackdl9!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Good luck with your studies!

    Just curious, what do you best about ADISC so far?


    And do you recommend windows, linux or apple sortware?

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