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    Default Epilepsy and diapers

    I'm just curious this anybody else on here have epilepsy and wears diapers because of it. I myself do. I've been wearing since and child for like urge incontinence caused by the brain signals not working right.

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    as a EMT i can tell you that some with epilepsy do wear depending on there type of seizures.

    Yes for Tonic-Clonic seizures

    Maybe for Myoclonic Seizures, Tonic Seizures, Clonic Seizures

    No for Absence Seizures, Atonic Seizures

    This is one quick check that some EMTs can use to tell history and/or guess type.

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    Ok I was wounder if was common for most people with it.

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    I have a26 year old son with epilepsy and he has been in diapers all his life.
    He only has the mental capasity of a 3 year old.

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    Me I have about same as your son but have very tiny abult side but not much so need someone to take care like child so when coming handle about responable I can't my parents do sine can't deal with them mental. The most can do is like help clean up around house like dry dishes etc.

    sorry if this hard read use program to voice type.

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    My son is physicaly 26 years old, has the body size if a 12 year old and mental capasity of a 3 year old and will never grow out of his handicapt.
    He lives in a group home and the people there, are there to do for him what he can not do for himself which is everything any abled body person can do.
    He needs 24 hour care that my wife and I can not provide. The group home provides his day to day care which my wife and I greatly apreciate, we visit our son every chance we get, and bring him home for day visits often.

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    I'm same way if did not have my family I would be in group home too reason is I got body of 25 year old but mind of small child so know how it feel for your son it very confusion and scary because you feel trap in side. I think without my family it would be a lot harder for me in life but am glad I got my mommy and daddy for there for me now and then bother too.

    By the way what cause him for mental wise of his epilepsy for me I had very bad seizure when I was baby it nearly killed me and left me in comma for 24 hours straight. However during time it left me with brain damage causing me to have mental mind of a child and after all seizure’s had it didn’t help got worst I can never have normal life. This how my DR told me they said my brain is Swiss cheese for me understand them without all medical terms.

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    My son had a very high fevor when he was 3 years old and started haveing grandmawl seizures ( full blown body muscel contractions, blacking out ) along with pettymawl seizures ( stareing off into space ) eventualy loss the ability to speak by the age of 10.
    He has electrical and chemical imbalance of the brain which causes his seizures and is on heavy doses of meds to control them.
    He does not know what it is like to live a normal life from what anyone can tell, as all test results show him to be no more than 3 years old mentaly.

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    Wow sorry to hear that that got be really hard to deal with as parent but hope he seizures’ free now it took them a long time get mine under control. My left seizures I had was 3 grandmawl in once shot it like one after the other so know it very scary even if does only have mental mind of 3 year old.

    I’m on high amount of medication I take 500mg a day but my epilepsy has effect in different mental with some speech have hard time say some words and have large learning disability too. My high school work could do was a first grade level so school nearly impossible for me without a lot help. The reason wear diaper is fact can’t really make it bathroom right brain signal mess up when it come bladder. It like brain doesn’t like full bladder just small amount it say it got go and if don’t end wetting me. My parent say it mental part with the brain deal with bladder like signal cross or something.

    If this does not make sine with bladder problem sorry try explain it best can it hard for me understand myself.

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