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Thread: Hi! Newbie here.

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    Default Hi! Newbie here.

    Hey guys hows it going? I am lonelydaddy24 from flower mound, TX. And my faveorite things to do in the community is to read and write stories, look for others like me to help me feel like less of a freak. Which I know were not but people like to judge. [Removed] I just recently turned 18. Sorry if any of this is offensive I am a newbie here.
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    Hi LD24,
    Just curious, when did you 1st start to like diapers?

    And can you share one of your stories with us here at some point? I am sure lots of people might appreciate your creative writing!

    Anyway, have fun being a ADISC member, and feel free to ask us questions about the site, diapers, or anything really!

    - Will =)

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