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Thread: "And of course this was when I DIDN'T have a diaper on" Experiences.

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    Default "And of course this was when I DIDN'T have a diaper on" Experiences.

    As diaper lovers, most of us just wear diapers for many different kinds of pleasure, but not necessarily for need. Sure, we use them for convenience when we plan ahead, but there are certainly times in life when ALL people really NEED the help of having a diaper on.. That ironic time when of course that emergency comes around and you don't have one on, despite the closet full at home. Or maybe it was the need for another fresh diaper and there wasn't one available? Or whatever situation it was, what was that time for you?

    So in the last three days I have had TWO of these experiences. One was on a 4.5 hour flight and I was trapped in the window seat by two snoozing seat mates. My whole life, i have had the most annoying bladder. I've gotten a clean bill of health many times, but nerves make me have to pee every 20 minutes and heaven forbid i drink anything. BUT if the bathroom is completely available at my leisure, I can hold it all day without even flinching. Well, I got nervous after I made them get up once and they gave me dirty looks for waking them.. next thing I know, it's only 20 minutes later and I'm doubling over in pain and i need to GO. I'm embarrassed, and that is only making it worse. I hold and hold and hold, hoping for one of them to get up, but suddenly i hear *Well folks, we are about to start our descent* ... He asked everyone to remain seated for the remainder of the flight. I was just too kind or something, because i couldn't force myself to push the issue. It was one of those times when I was literally talking to myself (we're going to get through this-we're going to get through this) trying not to freak out. I was staring out of the window, praying that we were getting closer to ground level. RIGHT when we landed and I knew I was seconds away from getting free, I relaxed and suddenly the pain eased a bit. I made it to the bathroom in a sprint.

    But.. the second time I wasn't so lucky. (This isn't for people who don't like #2 related things)

    In both of these situations, a diaper would have been my (and probably everyones, both non abdl and abdl) saving grace. But of course it was during the 50% of the last month where I didn't have one on. Nice! Please share your story!

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    Similarly to you I find that I generally have a bladder which can hold it all day if a toilet is available, but that if I am in a situation where I am not free to use the toilet as often as I want without disturbing anybody my bladder will seem to fill up almost immediately after using it. For me the worst places are during long car journeys and when sharing a bed/room/tent with somebody else. I have had many close calls during long car journeys where I have asked the driver of the car to stop so I could use the toilet, only to desperately need the toilet again just a short while later. I always get too embarrassed to ask again if I have just been, and so tend to sit there holding it and hoping I will make it. I find the same when sharing a bed/room/tent etc with somebody; I will pee before going to bed, but will inevitably need to go again before I fall asleep, and then will wake again, and again and again, in the night needing to go. I always worry that I will wake up whoever is in bed with me with my constant getting in and out and so tend to lie awake until I can't bear it any more.

    My solution to this was to wear a pull-up on long car journeys and in situations when I know I will probably end up sleeping close to somebody; just knowing that I am wearing protection seems to calm my bladder to make it less nervous and usually makes it so that I don't need to pee constantly and I have never actually wet a pull-up when wearing in these situations. Only one time have I really needed to be wearing a diaper when I wasn't. I was staying with a friend who owns a van, and we went for a late night adventure in his van into the mountains. I had expected we would go back to his house (where I had a pull-up in my bag) but he suggested we sleep in his van at the foot of the mountain (he had a mattress at the back of it) and then get up early to climb the mountain to watch the sunrise. I agreed. So anyway, I peed before we went to bed, but typically after twenty minutes or so I needed to pee again. I left the van to pee, but this turned out to be quite a noisy affair as the van door creaked when opened and then slammed noisily, shaking the van etc. I realised I couldn't keep doing it, which sent my bladder into overdrive and after about twenty minutes I needed to pee desperately again. I tried ignoring it, and fell asleep. I then half woke-up, and in my half-asleep and very desperate state started peeing. By the time I realised what I was doing I couldn't stop the flow and I soaked myself and the sleeping bag. I was mortified my friend would find out, but thankfully he didn't notice the next morning and if he realised later he's never mentioned it, but that's one time I really could have done with wearing protection.

    Thankfully I find that I don't have this problem in bed so much now, I think having lived with an ex-boyfriend and shared a bed with him my body came to relax a little more about this and I don't tend to wear pull-ups overnight any more, but I still find this problem on car journeys and do always try and be padded if I am going on one longer than a couple of hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjess View Post
    My solution to this was to wear a pull-up
    Hahah, thats hilarious that we share the same condition. It's some sort of Bladder Anxiety, or Bladder Claustrophobia, or post traumatic Bladder stress disorder. Maybe our Bladders need therapy? But yes, thanks for your good advice. Unfortunately, I didn't have any diapers or pull-ups available. Of course, somehow i could have made them available, but I was afraid of that story about the old woman wearing the diaper and going through the TSA.. I didn't want a story about me wearing a diaper to appear in the national news. It wasn't until I was at the gate that I realized that I could have just packed a few in the carry on and put one on after going through security. Oh well. You live, you learn.

    From the few places I travel back and forth, Its tough to get a diaper or a pull up on. But, from now own in a locked lap top case in my backpack, am going to have two diapers, two pull ups, and wipes. Just so if its an emergency or if any symptoms pop up beforehand, I can get one on. And all plane rides from now on will be padded ones, just for the mental relaxation and just in case.

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    I had an "incident" quite recently on the evening of 26th December.

    Being the festive time of year, my friend and her husband was having a get together at their house with a few mutual friends. They live just up the street, about a 5-10 minute walk. He had made an Indian style curry with a few beers. At 1am and a few beers later I decided I would head home. So I said my goodbyes and started on the walk home. About half way, I had one of them gut rumbling feelings followed by a very short while later with a "you know what" emergency poop moments.

    At first I was managing to fight it off and hold it back, but it was getting worse by the second. I was clinching myself together so tight you wouldnt even manage to pull out a 20 note if I had one clinched in my butt cheeks LOL. I must have been walking like one of those people in an olympic walking event. Thankfully being quite late at night, there was nobody around to witness it. At one point, I just stopped and stood still to try and compose myself and hope it would go away, but it just WOULD NOT! So I struggled along with my walk trying to fight it.

    Then my house come into sight. "Happy days" I thought to myself, not long til Im home. Only a few olympic super walker paces later, it started to come. "OMG OMG" I thought, there was no stopping it no matter how hard I tried, it just kept coming out. So I just let out a big sigh and had to admit defeat. So I just continued my walk home and had to clean myself up when I got in.

    I had to throw my underwear and jeans away. Now that was a moment when I wished I was wearing some form of protection!

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    Yeah, I too have one of those easily irritated hafta-go-every-20-minutes bladders. If I'm traveling by myself--airplane, long car ride--I go padded. I haven't had any real issues with TSA at the airport when wearing. I apparently got flagged by one of the new full-body scanners, but a quick pat-down was all that was necessary to clear me through security. At least the guy was professional about it... he basically announced that he had to pat my back pockets and all he said was "Oh. OK, you're fine." I did have another agent open my carry-on bag and she had all of my diapers out in the open (the diapers weren't the reason for the search, it was the electronic light-up souvenir that they were covering). I feel bad for the old lady in the news, but I haven't had any issues in the airport with diapers.

    If I'm traveling with people who I don't want to know, a (decent quality) pull-up is a good solution.

    As for those 'oh, of course...' moments, I've had my share, but thankfully nothing I wasn't able to hide from other people until I could go change. One of the funnier ones was when I was in the middle of putting clothes in the washing machine and--suddenly, no warning--I had one of those 'more than just' farts. Yeah, eeww. I've had a few sudden, no warning accidents of the other variety, too. I dunno. A big part of the reason I like diapers is just peace of mind.

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    Well for me the worst one I would have to say it was last summer, my brother invited be over for a couple of beers while sitting around the camp fire. After a few beers I was getting up every 10 to 15 minutes to empty my bladder and it was getting annoying so I decided to cut back on the beer intake to lesson the need to empty the baldder.

    As any beer drinker knows that does not alway work and I continued to need to empty my bladder reguarly, by the time we had finished off the case of beer it was quite dark and my pants where soaked, as I was to the pont of not being able to get up out of the lawn chair anymore and just wet myself where I sat.

    The only saveing grace was everyone else was just as drunk as I was and no one seem to noticed that I was not getting up to go pee anymore and I soon found myself wetting my pants every few minutes without anyone knowing the difference.

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    A few weeks ago, I was sleeping in the middle night (shocker, right?) and dreamt that I was peeing a pretty steady stream. Well I woke up during this dream and low and behold I was peeing in my bed! Of course, not wearing a diaper. So it was a pretty ironic situation.

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    Pea sized bladder...I have it. It's annoying because, just as babyjess describes, it seems to act in a completely irrational way. My parents still tease me about having to visit every rest area along the way when driving somewhere (I guess that's why I prefer the train...there's a toilet in easy reach all the time and I don't have to stop moving when using it). It's really annoying in situations where making a visit to the toilet is socially theater, business meetings, exams etc. However, I've kind of developed a "tough luck"-attitude. My physical condition is nothing I can change, so if other people cough, sneeze, scratch or twitch in such situations I can very well give into my pea sized bladder and get up (and possibly make 20 other people get up twice in the process) to use the toilet. I do make sure not to choose a seat in the middle of eveyone else if possible but to sit by the aisle/door.

    *challenges babyjess to a night in one bed with a whiteboard pinned to the bathroom door where each person writes down the time they use the bathroom at night...let's see who can go more often*


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