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Thread: How many diapers do you wear a day ?

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    Default How many diapers do you wear a day ?

    I am not currently wearing 24/7 right now but when I do I always feel like I'm wasting diapers if I wear 3 or 4 just during waking hours.

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    2-4 Super dry kids a day is normal for me right now.

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    I go through 3-5 diapers a day, usually wearing bambino bellisimo and dry 24/7 (not at the same time!) which are very thirsty diapers - but I'm a very thirsty pup so they tend to get pretty full. Messing can necessitate a change sooner before the wet capacity of the diaper is reached.

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    it can be 2-5 diapers depending on the day. sometimes more. I use m3s during the day and m4s at night. There are some days where my first diaper will get me into the later afternoon or early evening. Given that I am now working out a lot more I have to do that last diaper for bed whereas sometimes if my evening diaper was not so bad I might just go to sleep with it. Now I shower before bed, so I have to put a fresh one on for bed.

    1. wake up
    2. mid morning - early afternoon
    3. late afternoon - evening
    4. evening - bed
    5. Bedtime

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    I'm also wearing 24/7 and find that on average I wear 3 Abena M4's per day. The usual routine is to wake up in the morning, have a shower and the put on the first diaper. Then I usually end up wanting to change again around 3pm. The final change usually happens just before bed.

    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    2-4 Super dry kids a day is normal for me right now.
    I so want to try some AB diapers but they're so expensive to import. However, if 2-4 of them is absorbent enough to cope with 24/7 use then it might be slightly more practical than I thought. Interesting...

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    A lot of factors play into that number for me. Usually if I plan to go the full 24 hours of diaper wear, the number's roughly 2-5 (bambino brand). One for after I wake up, two or maybe one through the day, and lastly a fresh one for when I hit the hay. Though most of the time I must say I wear only a couple a day, or less even. As I'm always trying to make what diaper stock I have last me for as long as possible. Cash for diapers is something I do not have a lot of you see. ;P

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    Butterfly Mage


    I tend to use 4-5 diapers per day. I use Attends breathable since they are reasonably absorbent. They also cost only $41 per case.

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    I wear them only during the night, 3-4 Times a week...
    The daipers i use are freakin expensive...but ease to get my hand on becouse my younger brother uses them to! :P

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    Usually between 3-4 pampers 6's a day. I usually change in the morning before school twice at school once when I get home and then I let my DA(diapered area) breathe a couple hours before bed, then I put one on to sleep.

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    Id say my daily average diaper use is about 0.1 a day

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