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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Default Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone on ADISC. just a short intro of myself. I'm Quite new in sharing my feelings about being a TB or AB... sort of keeping this for myself for the past 12 years....whilst sleeping with a Paci for pretty much my whole life!
    about myself:car mechanic for living, love driving my own cars and modify them and when i get the chance i love playing videogames on the PC(while doing everything else on a macintosh)
    And ofcourse Listening to some good music!
    My name comes from the type of one of my cars and Pup becouse i'm a big fan of Pitbulls, and being somewhat of a furry....
    My intensions on being on this site is to share some feelings and learn from other people how they cope with theirs. this is actually the first time ever to be so open like this, zo is a bit 'scary'
    in the netherlands there are not al lot of forums about this, beeing it a bit of a taboo...
    Thanks for reading my small introduction! i will update my profile "on the go".
    PS: my english is not allways flawless so i hope everyone can understand me!
    owh and my dog on the avatar is really chewing on the Paci, no photoshop here!

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    Hi VectraPup!

    Welcome to ADISC, and your english is pretty good.
    Just curious, how many years have you studied english?

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    Never really studied english just learned by reading and speaking! I guess games helped a lot!
    Thnx fur reply!

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    why doesnt anybody reply?(exept wwetbed) have i said something wrong?

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    Hi and welcome VectraPup!

    Donīt feel that you have said anything wrong!
    Sometimes the flow of new meassages on this site is quite high, yours might have easily "slipped between the cracks" so to speak.
    I must confess, I donīt browse the intro thread nearly as much as I think I should.

    I also love PC gaming, my current favorite is The Baconing (can be found cheap on Steam)
    What type of games do you like best?

    I find your english quite readable, and donīt fear if someone doesnīt understand, they *will* ask.
    My english is also somewhat self taught.
    Almost all books I have read for the past 15 years or so is in english (and I read alot )

    The whole "scary" thing is quite normal for any person, doing something entirely new.
    But you can relax, we are all quite frindly here.

    And I must say this is the first time i ever saw an AB dog!
    Super cute

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    whoo glad to hear that! this is a huge forum indeed, so many people at one online at any given time! i'm not used to that!

    well... i'm somewhat addicted to elder scrolls(oblivion), since i gave up WOW... this is mutch cheaper and the graphix are way better, i also have recently bought Modern warfare 3 and the new elder scrolls Skyrim! but mainly FP shooters! with the best possible graphix!

    thnx for the compliment about the english! i'd never typed so mutch english before i was on this forum, so sometimes it goes a bit slow.
    you'll probably see a lot of editted posts :P especially when i'm on my work where i have to reply with my iPhone! witch s*cks basicly...

    i'm not long here and i get somewhat used to the idea that more than 2 persons "know" about my thingy... and the people are great here! i wish i could meet some of you one day!

    and the dog....wel tats one advantige for me, my parents know about the Pacifiers(thats all) so its a bit "normal" to do stuff like that! learning the dog to chew on my pld Paci's! its such a nice puppy!


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    Quote Originally Posted by VectraPup View Post
    Never really studied english just learned by reading and speaking! I guess games helped a lot!
    Thnx fur reply!
    why doesnt anybody reply?(exept wwetbed) have i said something wrong?
    Wow, you learned english from video games and such?

    And give it time, more people will get a chance to read the introductions forums,
    and post their comments!

    Welcome again to ADISC

    Just curious, what's your favorite diaper so far? (and why is it great?)


    - Will

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    i should give it more time indeed, diddn't realize that this forum was so big so there is a lot to read for everyone!
    thnx for reply!

    about the daipers.... wel i'm used to drynites but only becouse they are easy to get and they fit me perfectly!
    but i orderd a box of Abena X-plus yesterday! im very exited! can't wait!!

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    welcome also from me VectraPup .. you can feel happy understand all so easy
    i have to translate all at first

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    Welcome to the forum. I also love Abena X-Plus and it is a toss up between them and Tena Maxi Slip, as too which is my favourite

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    Hi and welcome

    Welcome to the site.
    I like dogs alot to, in fact where I work there this stray dog that I think is part pit. She is pretty and I am the only one who can get close to her. I still cant get to close she is shy and runs off. but i can get closer then anyone else.

    I love music, what you listen to?

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