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Thread: Would you choose m3 or m2

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    Default Would you choose m3 or m2

    If you were going to buy a case of Abena diapers to wear during the day like to work and out in public which one would you choose and why. if you wear medium would you choose m2 or m3. if you wear large would you choose l2 or l3

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    Well i am sat in my office right now in the UK, wearing an M2, but have only peed once. Too soon to tell how good they are!

    Wore an M4 to bed last night and NO leaks!!

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    Seeing as i probably own more M1's 2's 3's and 4's than most members I can certainly answer this question, but it depends really on what you need.

    If you want to wear for the sake of wearing, the M2 is amazing. It is so comfortable, you'll forget you have it on. If you need to use it, it'll take a soaking or 2 quite reliably.

    If you want to wear and wet a few times before having to change, the M3 is a better choice. It is about as thick as an M2, but swells quite a bit, so it will get less discrete with usage. The padding is also stiffer, and will be a bit more visible, and less comfortable.

    So they both have their pros and cons, but honestly, I think the best option for wearing out with the intension to wet is the M4. With slightly baggy pants its almost invisible. It will take almost anything you throw at it. It's rather comfortable dry, not when walking wet, but no where near as bad as Dry24/7's.

    The M2 and 3 are certainly daytime diapers. If i had to choose between the two, I would go with the M2. The M2's comfort out weighs its downside as a "one hit wonder". If the M4 was an option, though, I'd go with that.

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    You have just answered my question Abenaleaf, as I wore an M2 to work today, and gave it two good soakings, and it started to leak!

    If I was to wear an M3 would this stand up to at least three wetting s before being changed?? Or will I be forced to wear an M4 to work as well?

    I liked the M2 as it did not show under my suit

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    M3, worth it not to risk leaks.

    I initially read this as "work out" in, if this was the case M2 or something cheaper and less likely to chafe

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    I wear m3s to work with typically with a stuffer. This, for me, will generally take 3-4 wettings and then I need to change. The reason I like the m3 is that I can not stress overtly about the seat of my pants giving a diaper butt. I have never, when working used the back end of the diaper, so for me I need a lot of front area protection. I guess I would need to try out the m2 and see if it is similar in use to the m3... I mean according to xp they are the same dry thickness, and the only difference is m3s ability to swell more when wet. There is also a total capacity difference of 12 oz. However at a cost of 10 cents per diaper that could equal savings of a few hundred dollars a year if you are looking at in excess of 1000 diapers.... though that saving vanishes if you find yourself needing to change diapers even one more time that you would with the m3....

    This is, of course, if discretion is your goal, otherwise you WILL save money going the M4 and even more "supposedly" by using dry 24/7 by using baggy clothes. Being in an office environment this will not work for me I wear my suit jacket to cover the bulge in the front if it swells too much.

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    M3 is the better selection and especially when you know you will have less stress at work.
    M2 with a booster many not do the job. You can also add a safety layer with a good pair of plastic pants.

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    Oh absolutely on the plastic pants I wear these and also compression shorts so that diaper is always pressed firmly against me.

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    M3, I can say for certain that M2s are like thin underwear. M3s are MUCH better than M2s for sure!

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    Another vote for M3 here. The level 2 product is really not reliable enough for wearing to use out and about at least. If I wet very carefully, they seems to hold up quite well, but the second you start having some real fun, and giving them more of a flooding, expect leaks, especially when you sit down. For that comfy diapered feeling and only smaller usage, then the Level 2 is more than fine.
    All the best.

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