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Thread: Getting stupid when diapered

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    Default Getting stupid when diapered

    Maybe its just me, but I've had a few times wearing diapers and then, out of nowhere, deciding to do something I regret minutes later. I think it's the rush when I for the first time in months (or years) wear diapers, and I get to excited. "OMFG. I'm wearing diapers. I wanna go outside and let other people have a glimpse of my diaper!". Or just wetting a little to much out in public (even though you know it could go wrong). Or this week, sitting in my room wearing a diaper. I rent an appartment with 5 other people, and only 1 bathroom, so diaper changes are limited to my room. Like this stupid side of me gets way the excited, thinking " I havent done nr. 2 in a diapers in years, maybe I should try that". And than having to walk some kilometres with a really big and messy diaper to change at the nearest public toilet. And it really sucked, and was maybe 30 seconds of excitement doing it, 20 min of embaressing walk to the toilett, and maybe another 20 min of cleaning. Really not worth it. So I'm just wondering if any of you sometimes stop thinking when diapered.

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    I do things that I kind of regret doing, mostly pooping in them...But some things I've done in public, I don't really regret, since nothing really happened

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    LOL, sounds familiar! I have done that before, but it was years and years ago. I got all diapered up at home, (this was when I was still in school), had the urge to take a dump, and then realized that my brother was in the house and I couldn't get to the bathroom without going right past him, and you can hear everything through the thin walls of my parents old mobile home. So I had to take a hike out into the middle of the desert at the end of the housing area, and find a spot where I could take it off and clean myself up before I went back home.

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    No public moments yet, haven't worn out in public in a long time. I have had a few moments doing #2 in my diaper and desperately try to hide the smell and dispose of the diaper. Don't do #2 unless you know what you're getting into and are prepared ahead of time.

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    Last time I wet myself...Well, I didn't drink enough, so it smelled terrible... at 3 AM, I had to air out my was cold... X__X

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    I don't find I do anything unusual when I put on a diaper. I haven't done much in public besides a padded bulge in some tight jeans a year ago. I went shopping around the city on a weekday and wore a diap under my jeans (that fit fairly snug). It wasn't that obvious unless you were looking for it, but it was there.

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    I try not to do anything stupid, I have worn diapers long enough, and the thrill of doing something I would regert later, hasn't struck me yet.

    I would not want to use my diaper in public, just the smell is enough to put me off, so I wet in my home or on my property doing things like cutting the grass, or cleaning my cars, but I always wet myself when I went for my dialy walks, I just run into a few neighbors who walk also, who don't notice my diaperd or wet state.

    I have no urge to embarass myself, other than if someone sees my diaperd self on my dialy trips in public, like to the store, bank, or restaurant.

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    I think it's the sexual part that takes over, and causes one to do impulsive, and thus stupid things. And like you said, then in a few minutes it's over, and your stuck with the consequences. When I was young and living at home, that was my m.o., again and again and again, until I got caught. Hello shrink!

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    Yeah, today I went to Target while wearing a diaper. I really wanted to pee in it and then go to the restroom and change out of it. BAD IDEA. I went to the baby diaper section and let go. I really had to go, I'd been holding it all day. Some pee leaked out and into my jeans, I had to walk through half the store with everyone looking at this pee spot on my jeans where my diaper leaked... >.<

    Changing in a public restroom is NOT as fun as I thought it would be...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TallestBabyEver View Post
    No public moments yet, haven't worn out in public in a long time. I have had a few moments doing #2 in my diaper and desperately try to hide the smell and dispose of the diaper. Don't do #2 unless you know what you're getting into and are prepared ahead of time.
    same here

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