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    My name is Ambii. I'm 22, transgender (male to female), and have been into diapers and ageplay for as long as I can remember.

    Besides ageplay, in my spare time I enjoy gaming, programming, studying languages, working at a university network operation center (NOC), and spending time with my amazing girlfriend <3. I'm also a student (undergrad, soon to be grad) at said university. I'm double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics.

    I came here for support I suppose, it's comforting knowing this isn't as rare as I once thought it was, and talking with like-minded people (although my gf is into this too). I still consider myself fairly new to this, only recently have I started exploring ageplay with my gf, using a pacifier, wearing diapers, etc... I'm not sure what else to type so I'll stop here I guess. =/

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    Nice to meet you, ambii ^^ It's awesome to see another transgender around here. And you're going for Computer Science and Mathematics? Wow, that sounds hard o.O"

    Anyway, welcome to the site Make yourselves at home, we don't bit (well, I can't promise that about us babyfurs, though).

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