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Thread: Mystery diapers plague Corona del Mar

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    Now that's just gross.. Another one of those over-the-edge diaper lovers I bet.. To me, there's a fine line between 'okay' and 'completely unacceptable' in the whole *b/dl thing, and this person is taking it far beyond that line..

    Now, if this person ISN'T *b/dl, and they're just doing this for some other reason (as a joke, to cause people to get suspicious, or anything else you can think of) then they need to just put it in their own trashcan or take it to the city dump, because this can NOT be good for the ecosystem.. This is just more pollution v_v

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    Can't they find who it is by... DNA testing?


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    I swear I've seen this story before somewhere... anyone?

    At any rate this is unacceptable, regardless of whether they are ABDL/IC/other. Throwing rubbish onto public property is disgusting in any situation, and throwing used adult diapers onto the street like that is at best foul and at worst a public heath hazard.

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    Wow, that sounds really shitty. (insert stereotypical cartoon sound effect here)

    Seriously though, that's fucking nasty. Why would anybody randomly dump crap-filled diapers in the street? What's the benefit? People need to learn to take care of their environment.

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    I wasn't even a quarter of the way into the article when I thought aloud, "Just check the DNA, dumbasses."

    And whoever is doing this needs to stop (again, check the DNA), because this'll just be pinned to us, and we'll acquire an even worse name >.<

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    1. yes DNA testing works on poop (contains cells from the intestinal lining) and pee also (dead red blood cells) They use it in Japan and other places, they require your dog to have a sample on file and if you don't clean up after your dog they pick them up and mail you a fine. Keeps their limited green spaces clean.

    2. requires a sample on file. there's no national human DNA registry (yet)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    2. requires a sample on file. there's no national human DNA registry (yet)
    So like, you can't find out who someone is based on their skin cells, or something?

    Brb burning off my fingerprints.

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    DNA by itself is useful for determining certain general things... sex, race, eye color etc, but it's not like a phone number or address, there's no place to take a sample to match it up. You can also determine if two people are closely related, useful in paternity discovery etc. For practical purposes, you can only compare two samples and say "yes that's a match" or "no it's not".

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