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Thread: Handeling incontinence in high school

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    Default Handeling incontinence in high school

    I am not incontinent but was just curious how it is handled in high school for the people who are. Do you go to the nurses office to change? When you had an accident did you just get up and leave class or have to wait for then next passing period? And finally was the incontinence products hard to hide, did anyone ever find out?

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    My guess like other kids they have to ask to be excused. But the teacher knows they are incontinent. They use the normal Bathrooms That have Disabled Stall which has more room and tend to have a trash can.

    This topic might be best answer in Incontinent forums. In Diaper Talk.

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    Well my friend used to date this girl at his old school (she moved and he switched schools), and he said that every time she had to go to the bathroom she went to the nurses office. I went to a different school than them, so Idk if she was incontinent or wore diapers or anything, I really never met her. But I assume she never had problems with it if she was.

    I assume that the school day is the same for incontinent people, just as it is for non-incontinent people- the only difference being they probably go to the nurses office instead of going to the restroom in the halls. That's my guess, anyway.

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    I don't need to wear diapers during the day, but most of the time I did. My school hadn't been informed about it so I just went on like anyone else would. If I needed to change I would go during class rather than during breaks because I would usually be the only one in there. I would change in a normal cubicle, put the used one in a plastic bag and throw it in the bin beside the door. I was excused from PE classes for other medical reasons so changing my clothes and revealing a diaper was never a problem either.

    Right now I'm at college. Its actually more difficult dealing with diapers there than it was at school. Last year there I didn't wear much to start with and had a couple of accidents that got noticed. Luckily there are a few good friends in my class that already knew about my problems and helped shut up the idiots at the back of the room. There are a few in my class that make it awkward and I don't feel comfortable changing in the college toilets (feel like I'm being watched and there are no bins in there either) so do it in my breaks and go over to KFC for it.

    At a guess, for people with a more problematic level of incontinence than me its split half and half with people like me who are trying to keep it hidden and not involving the school, and others who do. It would probably be good if the school did know about it though, so if a student needed to quickly leave the class they could, would be offered a private place to change and a few spare diapers kept on site if they were ever needed.

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    I've been incontinent for around a year now, and wearing diapers 24/7 and at school for a few months. All my teachers including my tutor are aware that I am, and I can leave the classroom at any time to change if I need to. But I usually change after class because it is easier because it's quiet and attracts less attention to me. At first I changed in the school toilets even though I was offered the chance to change in the nurses office because I felt too embaressed changing in the same room as her, but now it's easy for me to change there and me and the nurse have become close.

    I'm open to any more questions you have about this.

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