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    hi im abigurl but my friends call me abi or abikins. im a sissy baby girl who loves her diapers and pretty clothes and im here coz i would like to chat with others and make friends. in my big life im a nurse and make sick people better and in my lil life i make my dollys better to. i like to go to the gym and running on the beach and playing on climbing frames. i also like reading sci/fi fantasy books and playing on my puter. its nice to find other people like me who i can talk about stuff wiv coz i cant talk bout it wiv anyone else as you all probly know. so i hope i like it here. bye for now

    from abi.

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    hey abigurl nice to meetcha. My names piros and im pretty much the sites leading authority on dragonslaying and dungeon questing. Not to toot my own horn but they call me Piros the amazing toddler knight lol. On a more serious note I think that is fantastic that you are a nurse, I myself am currently engaged in LPN classes and will be finished in June. I also enoy playing on my "puter" Im an LOL nerd, Anyway talk to you laters!!

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    Welcome to adisc Here is a great place to find people to talk to. I enjoy sci/fi fantacy books to, but i don't read often, I enjoy the movies though. I haven't played on a climbing frame for forever, but you just gave me the personal goal to get to one soon. Anyhow, If you ever wan't anyone to talk to feel free to talk to me.

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    Welcome Abigirl!

    Just curious, what's your favorite diaper/ nappy?


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