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    Im thinking about using my locking plastjc pants to stay in diapers for 24+ hours and i was wondering how thick anyone has gone with cloth. Even wet disposables only get about an inch, but couldn't you get an amazing 5 in diaper with cloth? Whats the thickest (in inches) cloth diaper you have worn and how long did it last?

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    I wear cloth at mostly at night and I've added two or three boosters (6 layers each) to them. They get pretty thick. However, some things to note. First, every diaper has it's limit, it all depends on how much you wet. Second, the thicker your diaper the bigger your waterproof pant has to be. And, lastly, the longer your wear a wet diaper the more likely you'll get a nasty rash. At some point, your skin will be screaming for air!! (meaning a change).

    Anyway, getting back to your original idea. You're on the right track. If you want to go really thick, then cloth is the way to go (good luck pinning it on)

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    Super-thick cloth is great for bedtime, but try walking with four prefolds (30-40 layers of soaker) between your legs. It ain't easy! The last couple of times I slept diapered, I wore an adult prefold with two toddler prefolds up front for extra bulk, and it felt great--couldn't close my legs. But I like to sleep dry, and I don't much care for the idea of walking like a penguin, so I couldn't tell you much about capacity.

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    I guess ill have to report on capacity. Lets just say you might be able to 3 days, if you can avoid public and pooping.

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    Sheesh, I don't even know what a cloth diaper looks like let alone worn one.

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    Cloth is absolutely the way to go for a thick diaper. I've had diapers layered thick enough to add about 12 inches to my waistline, thick enough that I could not even pull sweat pants over the diapers.

    Good luck pinning and getting plastic pants over whatever setup you go for. IF you do decide to do this (sounds like fun, actually!), first, I wish you luck and much enjoyment! Second, pre-emptively coat every bit that will be enclosed by a diaper with a thick layer of Desitin.

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