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Thread: Catch 22 ... Money or Secret?

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    Default Catch 22 ... Money or Secret?

    No I'm not talking about blackmail... I'm just in an awkward situation. There's a sale on waterproof matress pads - and I want and need a new one. Yes the problem is very few and far between, but it still exists. The problem is - the sale is only at my employer's....But it's a really good deal - like save me a day's pay and get me a good one. But of course I don't really want them to know that. They know I don't have kids... Any suggestions? It's a big chunk of money - a high end product, not like this cheap crap I've been "surviving" with all along...

    EDIT: And no price-match and stuff is not an option - I already thought of that. Can't find the product elsewhere that still does a pricematch.

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    Well, you could always say that you are getting it for someone you know who has kids that wet the bed. Or, you could buy it for yourself and tell you employer (if he asks) that you are going to use it for when any kids come to visit you (nephews or something).

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    Lots of people have mattress pads because we all eat and drink in bed. Have you ever spilled a drink in bed? I have and it's a mess. Then of course, who hasn't gotten sick in bed and thrown up all over the bed. People who have dogs and cats are wise to get a mattress protector. There are a lot of good reasons to have one, and I don't believe you owe anyone a reason or an excuse.

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    I don't think you owe anyone an excuse either. Hell, your employer will be happy to get some of your money back.

    When I was a kid, I had mattress protectors and vinyl bed covers due to... allergies. Yep. I'd call that a plausible excuse if you feel you need one. What, they're gonna tell you that you're not really allergic to dust mites??

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    Like the other Seid. If a family member that at age of wetting the bed. It easy to explain.

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    Hi BabyKat. I say get one. Nobody needs to know who it is for, and you could even rock up with a note/shopping list with the product name and details on it, so it even looks more like you are getting it for somebody else. Sounds like a good rare deal - go for it!!

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    As others have said just tell them it's for a friend if they ask, at the end of the day it's none of there business why your buying it.

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    Plenty of plausible explanations here if you're asked, not that it's anyone's business but yours. Just casually mention the situation you choose, that's what I do when trying to deflect attention (in other situations, not anything like this) and not aroused any suspicion.

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    There really shouldn't be any questions asked as to why you are buying it but if someone does ask there are all kinds of answers you could give but the best answer is because it's too good of a deal to pass up then laugh. Just be like anyone else buying, pay for it, bag it, and take it home.

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    I would get it if I were you since you clearly want to replace your current one with one you trust. I imagine that if I had any IC problems that the most important thing would be the ability to trust the products I am using. I already get freaked out using anything less than quality brand diapers because I am paranoid that they will leak and force me to cleanup something I wasn't expecting to have to deal with. I keep baking soda in my room just in case...

    If you need an excuse to get away with the purchase suggest you are running an errand for a friend because you work there already.

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