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Thread: Should I or shouldn't I? Should I report something...

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    Default Should I or shouldn't I? Should I report something...

    I have a question I need to ask; a question that I need to ask before I do it on Monday. I live in an apartment complex that keeps certain amenities closed during the night and the reason for is really simple: College kids LOVE to vandalize things while drunk. In 16 years of living at my complex, I've seen it happen so I understand the logic behind that.

    Earlier tonight, I was going to a friend's place to help out with something- he has Muscular Dystrophy and I try to help him if I can whenever I can, so that's how I saw the rules violation.

    As I was going past the small movie theatre room, leasing office, weight room, indoor pool and lounge, I saw the old coot that thinks he can get away with watching the big-screen TV all night in the lounge. I doubt he has permission for this. I know our worthless security guard lets him in every night.

    Just so you know, I'm not the only tenant outraged by this blatant violation of tenant rules and regulations. If the rules apply to us, they SHOULD apply to him too.

    In fact, the other night while going to the vending machines, I saw him trying to get into the lounge and the key fob wouldn't work for him. I tried to tell him they fixed the door because it's supposed to be closed at night. The guy looked at me like I was lying and in 48 hours he's back there watching TV. Dude looked like he wanted to bust the glass in so he could watch TV.

    What I want to ask everyone, is it fair that he gets away with this and should I report this blatant violation of tenant trust? I don't think he has permission to be in there and I know he stays in there all night, I've seen him there at 4am watching TV when I go to get a pop or a snack.

    So I am asking, should I report this? I feel like I should as I feel the rules should apply to all tenants. You can have access to the movie room if you ask the office for the after-hours key if you return it the next day, but I doubt you are allowed in the lounge at night and I don't think the guard should let the guy in just so he can watch TV all night. If he does it for him, then he should do it for all tenants.

    Just wanted to ask if I should do this or not...


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    I'm 13, I'm ok if you discriminate my opinion. But I think you should just mention it to him that he shouldn't be doing it. Unless you can hear it at night when trying to sleep then just warn him. It'll catch up to him one day if he doesn't stop. If it does effect you though, then yes report it.

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    And that is what I tried to do when he was trying to get into the TV room and looked like he wanted to bust the glass down to get in so he could watch TV. I can't hear it so it doesn't bother me as I live three floors up. What bothers me is that the security guard is letting him get away with it and I think the office is oblivious to it.

    I think the rules should be the same for all. Even though I have been friends with the guards that have worked here over the years, I STILL had to follow the rules. Rules are rules.


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    ya report him, if no one else gets to go there than neither does he.

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    If he isn't in a position to steal anything and isn't making lots of noise then I don't see a problem. He's getting in there somehow and the owners don't seem to care if he can keep doing so. Did you want to watch TV in there at 4 AM?

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    As long as he isn't hurting anything or keeping people up by watching TV at 4am, I would just leave him be. Sure there are rules, but if the whole purpose of the rule is to prevent vandalism and he's not a vandal, what's the harm?

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    To Point- No- I have my own big-screen TV so I don't need to use it; as I said, I saw him trying to get in there when I was going to get a snack and a pop from the all-night vending machines.

    My gripe is the rules. If I and other tenants have to follow the rules of the place, then he should as well. I believe the rules are for everyone and everyone should follow them. I've lived in this place longer and I have never seen such a blatant violation of the rules and I think it's because people feel sorry for him because he doesn't have a TV.

    I have heard other people complain about him being in there too. It's not fair to all of us that obey the rules and do the right thing. That's my problem as he's not causing damage to the room, but what's to stop some drunk college kids from doing something stupid while he's in there watching TV? I've seen the kids damage property over the years if it's not locked down. When the kids are drunk, they do dumb things.


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