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Thread: diaper wipes

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    Default diaper wipes

    Does anyone here use diaper wipes for cleaning up wet, stinky, or just diapers you've had on for a while? What kind do you use?

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    I've found actual baby wipes work the best. I use them almost every change. They help keep down smells and also keep skin fresher. Store brand works fine for me. The only thing with them is be sure not to flush them but throw them in the trash. Hope this is helpful, and I encourage you to use them.

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    I use pampers wipes and use them with every change and I always put the wipes in the dirty diaper and roll it up and use the tapes to close it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby23 View Post
    Pampers Baby wipes all the way for me. x
    O yea they are great I won't use anything else but pampers baby wipes.

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    I think huggies baby wipes smell better so thats what I use. I use baby wipes every time I change

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    I keep flushable kandoo wipes in my backpack. They are generally useful even when it's not for a diaper. Especially when compared to the toilet paper at my school.

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    I like using wipes, but I'm not too picky about them. I use mainly the "Comforts" store brand (by Kroger--sold in other stores too, like QFC and Fred Meyer). They feel and smell nice, and they're cheaper than Huggies.

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    I use the walmart brand wipes, I like the feel and the smell, and the price!

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    I use wipes to clean up after a wet diaper, and wipes followed by a shower to clean up after a messy diaper. I don't have any favourite brand in particular, though the Pampers ones seem to work really well for me. Huggies Pure Wipes are also pretty good.

    I also use them for cleaning my (glass) laptop screen

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