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Thread: I'm really bad at Subject Lines. So Hi =]

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    Red face I'm really bad at Subject Lines. So Hi =]

    Its hard to introduce myself without using my name. Isn't that basically what the teach you all through life? But, that's fine. I don't like my name anyways. If you can think of a nickname for me, I'd be more than happy to hear it. I am female. And a young adult.

    I currently attend college full time and I'm only a semester away from getting my associates degree in graphic design. I would like to freelance in the field. But currently I have no clients or a job.

    I am generally pretty shy, but I really like making new friends with common interests...As does everyone else I'm sure. I am a Scorpio. Driven, resourceful, jealous, passionate, and loyal.

    I would consider myself more AB then DL. I think it basically all started with an oral fixation which lead to wanting a pacifier (pacy) and it just went from there. I also have a tendency to regress when I'm really upset. I tend to act between the ages of 2 and 5.

    Outside of AB, I do have other kinks. Mostly I enjoy art. Art in all forms. Music, painting, drawing, digital art, design. Design is my favorite. I love to design things. Graphic design, interior design, architectural design.

    I also really love music. I like every kind of music. Seriously. I'm not the person who says they like everything "except rap and country". That's not everything now is it. I like EVERYTHING, including rap, country and classical. (side-note: Disney channel stars and the like don't count as music.)

    I am here because I love to learn. I'm still fairly new to the whole AB/DL scene and I would like to meet new people who can teach me a bit more about it. I am also here to help get advice for my 'daddy' who is very new and needs some help.

    I would be grateful for help/advice from anyone. I love making friends so feel free to say hi and/or leave a message =]

    (I'm also new to any kind of forum type site, and i'm getting really lost. If anyone has advice for that, like how to find the FAQ or can answer a few questions, please let me know)
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    Hi Welcome! I am new to the AB scene as well. I am here to learn and make friends.

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    Welcome to the site. I hope you get everything you want out of it and more.

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    Welcome! I haven't been here too long either, but in my short time, everyone has been more than welcoming, and I'm sure you'll have no trouble fitting in!


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    Wow, i was really not expecting any replies on this. Thanks everyone! You are all so nice!

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    Pleased to make your acquaintance. I hope you enjoy ADISC.

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    What a great intro, and I just love your avatar binky!
    You just put cute into overdrive

    Why donīt you have your Daddy make an account here, so he can ask us whatever he wants to know.

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    Thanks, I'm glad everyone seems to like my intro.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShortGuy View Post
    Why donīt you have your Daddy make an account here, so he can ask us whatever he wants to know.
    As for that, i intend on helping him make one. However, he doesn't have his own private computer like i do, and its hard for him to get on sites like these (we joined a few other sites like, diaperspace and fetlife) Also, he always says he doesn't know what to ask. Go figure right x]

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